Delhi cop transferred after photo of taking head massage from ‘Sadhvi’ goes viral


In an embarrassment to the Delhi Police, a photo of one of its officers taking head massage from a self-proclaimed god woman or sadhvi has gone viral on social media platforms. Left red-faced, the Delhi Police had no option but to initiate action against the officer in question.

head massage

The senior officials in the Delhi Police have ordered his immediate transfer while also ordering a departmental inquiry against the officer.

In the viral ;photo, a self-styled god-woman, identified as Namita Acharya, is seen giving head massage to the SHO of Janakpuri Police Station, Indrapal.

In his defence, SHO Indrapal has reportedly said that he had been suffering from stress in the recent past and was advised by his friends to visit Sadhvi Acharya for the much-needed ‘healing session.’ Someone secretly took the photo of Indrapal enjoying his head massage in police uniform and made it viral.

He’s now facing a probe for visiting a woman’s place for head massage in a police uniform. Indrapal wasn’t the first police officer to visit the so-called sadhvi. Photos of senior politicians and police officers enjoying head massage from the sadhvi too are being shared on social media platforms.

This is not the first time the Delhi Police has faced embarrassment because of an action of one of its officers. In October last year, the photo of controversial god-woman Radhe Maa occupying the SHO’s chair at Delhi’s Vivek Vihar police station, while the officer was seen standing in awe next to the lady with folded hands, had gone viral.

Radhe Maa, whose real name is Sukhwinder Kaur, is facing serious criminal charges of harassment in Mumbai. In April the Bombay High Court had asked police to record the statement of a city resident who had alleged that Radhe Maa had instigated her in-laws to harass her for dowry.


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