“India buy Rafale to protect the country, then they buy nimboo to protect Rafale”


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday performed puja of the Rafale jet in France after writing Om on its body and placing marigold flowers and breaking the coconut. Two lime were also placed underneath the Rafale wheels ostensibly to ward off bad luck.

Rajnath Singh

Using lime and green chilli to ward off bad luck is a well established Indian superstition. No sooner did the photos of Singh performing puja of the Rafale jet emerge on social media, it triggered a fresh debate on whether it was appropriate for the country’s defence minister to promote superstition. One user on Facebook wrote, “India buys Rafale to protect the country, then they buy nimboo to protect Rafale”.

Here are some more reactions:

Rajnath Singh defended the use of coconut and lime before accepting the first Rafale jet from France. He wrote on Twitter, “On the occasion of Vijayadashmi, I performed the puja of weapons in France today. It’s an age-old tradition to worship weapons on Vijayadashmi.”

Singh also flew in the jet and said that the experience of flying in an aircraft travelling with supersonic speed was extraordinary.


  1. Its shameful that a country with over a billion people and they still can not make their own fighters they can use coconuts instead of misiles.
    Or they can purchase Jf 17 from Pakistan hahahaha.

  2. Are you a Muslim or for that matter a Pakistani ,we Hindus perform Ayudha pooja on Dasera festival as performed by our defence minister ,if you fellows are not compatible to our Hindu system migrate to Arabian countries


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