“Deep down I felt uneasy “: Legendary cinematographer PC Sreeram rejects film that has pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut in lead role


Legendary cinematographer PC Sreeram has said that he rejected a film, which had pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. Sreeram took to Twitter to say that he felt uneasy ‘deep down’ and explained his apprehensions to the filmmaker.

Sreeram wrote, “Had to reject a film as it had Kangana Ranaut as the lead .Deep down i felt uneasy and explained my stand to the makers and they were understanding. Some times its only abt what feels right . Wishing them all the best.”

Once known for her acting prowess, Kangana has faced considerable condemnation for her toxic utterances on a regular basis in the recent past as she targeted a series of celebrities from her own fraternity. In one of her recent statements, she had likened Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, to ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.’ This had prompted Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut to call her heramkhor, a term that is used for those earning their livelihood through unethical means.

Known for her support for the Hindutva brigade, Kangana was recently provided with Y-plus security cover by the Centre’s Narendra Modi government, prompting many to question the rationale behind wasting taxpayers’ money.

Veteran Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah had called Kangana a ‘half-educated starlet’ by taking a dig at her controversially insane statements.

Sreeram was one of the cinematographers of Kangana’s debut Tamil film Dhaam Dhoom. The film was originally being directed by Jeeva, but after his death during the shooting, PC Sreeram took over the film as the director along with GK Manikandan and his wife Anees Tanveer.



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