Days after Alia Bhatt’s co-star Siddhant Chaturvedi shuts up Ananya Panday, Sonam Kapoor issues brutal response on nepotism


Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has taken a veiled dig at Alia Bhatt’s co-star Siddhant Chaturvedi for his criticism on nepotism during a TV interview with Ananya Panday. This was after she vowed on Twitter to never fly British Airways.

Taking to Twitter, Sonam wrote, “This is the third time ive traveled @British_Airways this month and the second time they’ve lost my bags. I think I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m never flying @British_Airways again.”

The airline replied expressing their regrets about the inconvenience caused to Sonam. Its tweet read, “We’re sorry to hear about the delay to your luggage, Sonam. Have you been provided with a tracking reference when informed at the airport?”

Sonam replied, “Yes all that is done. But it is a massive inconvenience. You guys need to step up. It’s terrible service and terrible mismanagement.” British Airways wrote that Sonam will soon be reunited with her luggage. “We can only offer our sincere apologies, Sonam. Please be assured we’re working to reunite you with your bag as quickly as possible,” its tweet read.

Her tweets triggered a wave of comments including on the issue of nepotism, which had become hugely controversial recently after Alia Bhatt’s co-star Siddhant Chaturvedi responded to Ananya Panday’s stand on the privileges availed by star children. Responding to one Twitter user, Sonam wrote, “Are you mental? . Privilege is our parents hardwork, Who worked their whole lives to give their children everything. Why do people insist on shaming their children and their parents for it. Just pray that this doesn’t happen to your kids.”

The Twitter user, who had dragged Siddhant’s comments to troll Sonam, later deleted his tweet.

Alia Bhatt’s co-star in Gully Boy, Siddhant Chaturvedi, had recently set the internet on fire with his brutal response to Ananya Panday on the contentious issue of nepotism. The video of Siddhanth shutting up Ananya, quite literally, with his one-liner had gone viral on social media platforms.



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