How Dabangg girl said Khamosh to ‘brainwashed idiots’ on twitter


On late Monday night while everybody prepared to crash into bed, the popular Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha was facing grief from social media trolls for the political statements her politician dad, Shatrughan Sinha, had recently made.

A twittet user @bhaiyyajispeaks tweeted implying that Dabangg girl’s father had abused his freedom of speech through his recent criticism of his own party in Bihar elections.

His tweet read, “Dear @sonakshisinha freedom of speech can do some real damage sometimes, MR. SHOTGUN is exposed now #BiharKaJaichandShatrughan”

The use of hashtag #BiharKaJaiChandShatrughan appeared to suggest that actor-turned-BJP MP’s criticism had made him a ‘traitor’ in BJP.

Far from being fazed by this unprovoked tweet, Sonakshi was determined to give this nondescript twitter-user a taste of his own medicine.

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Reminding him about the soaring prices of pulses, the actor tweeted;

And if anybody thought she was over with her trolls with this tweet, they were in for another surprise. Only couple of hours later, Sonakshi posted another tweet reminding ‘the idiots’ to ‘shoo’ away and vent their ‘political frustration’ somewhere else.

Her tweet said;

Her exceptional wit coupled with awareness of goings on in Indian politics earned her plenty of plaudits on social media.

She also promised to “face the brickbats for what I say anyday.”

Shatrughan Sinha’s recent tweets have been causing a lot of embarrassment for the saffron brigade.

Sinha is a BJP MP from Patna but it appears his candid talks about issues concerning public at large hasn’t gone down well with the BJP leadership both in Bihar and at the centre.

Not so long he had posted a series of tweets suggestive of asking voters to ensure defeat for the BJP.

So next time just ‘Khamosh’ even before the idea of getting even with this Dabangg girl occurs to you.



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