Unseen videos show mood swing of Nita Ambani’s daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta during Reliance AGM


Shloka Mehta, the daughter-in-law of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, recently hogged the limelight as she made her maiden appearance at the Reliance AGM as an Ambani bahu. She was seen applauding her husband Akash as he made a presentation with sister Isha about his family-run company’s future plans. Now, more videos of Shloka have emerged capturing the rare sight of her many moods.

The video, which was shot by someone who claim to be a Reliance shareholder, shows Shloka seemingly laughing at a recently received message on her mobile phone. Soon after she is seen intensely discussing something important. In the first video, Shloka is seen standing next to her would-be sister-in-law Radhika Merchant. They soon get alerted by a message, seemingly shared in a common group. Radhika bursts into laughter reading the message. Shloka follows suit as she too finds it hard to not laugh.

The reaction by these two young women of the Ambani family is suggestive of the fact that they may be a part of a common messaging group, where someone had shared a quirky message. Shloka then shows the message to someone who can’t be seen in the video.

Although, it’s not clear as to what made both Shloka Mehta and Radhika Merchant so happy even prompting the Ambani bahu to share that message with someone close to her, it’s clear that Akash Ambani’s wife is bonding well with his future sister-in-law.

In the second video, Shloka and Akash can be seen engrossed in intense conversation. At one point, Shloka is seen seeking clarification on what Akash had uttered a moment ago as she asks, “What?” This prompts Akash to explain his point to his wife, who listens to him patiently before the couple’s private conversation is interrupted by a woman.

Shloka Mehta was back in the news recently after a rare photo of the affable Ambani bahu taking part in a mentor training programme surfaced. No sooner did the photo appear on Instagram, Shloka had once again left her fans in awe for her simplicity and beauty with her fans describing her as ‘cultured and beautiful.’ 


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