Congress takes dig at ‘poster boy of tolerant India’ amidst raging visa controversy


Congress spokesperson, Manish Tiwari, on Wednesday took a jibe at actor Anupam Kher for the latter’s outrage on not being granted Pakistani visa.

Calling Kher the poster boy of tolerant India, Tiwari took to twitter to mock the actor.

His tweet said, “If the #posterboy of “tolerant” India is so keen to go to Pak his friend PM Modi can surely talk to his drop by friend Nawaz & facilitate it? (sic)”

Kher on Tuesday had revealed that he was not granted visa to travel to Karachi to attend a literature festival, scheduled to start from Friday, 5 February.

However, the Pakistani High Commission had denied receiving visa application from him.

While his supporters, mainly belonging to right-wing groups, expressed their outrage on twitter, many otherwise neutral social media users were seen mocking Kher all through the day.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Pakistani High Commissioner, Abdul Basit, called him asking the sulking actor to submit the visa application today promising to issue the visa within a day.

However, Kher declined the offer and announced his intention on twitter.

“Thank you Mr. for your call & offering me visa to visit Karachi. I appreciate it. Unfortunately i’ve given away those dates now.”

Kher, a known supporter of Narendra Modi and the BJP, has often been criticised for what his opponents say sheer hypocrisy. That’s because, he has, in the past, has opposed the hosting of Pakistani artists in India while showing his unhappiness over the prospects of resuming sporting ties with Pakistan.


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