Congress’ new celebrity recruit Arshi Khan causes embarrassment for party in Mumbai, says Bal Thackeray bigger leader than anyone in her party


The Congress’ Mumbai unit has recently gone on an overdrive to recruit famous faces from the glamour industry with some popular names joining the party being Hasin Jahan, estranged wife of India cricketer Mohammed Shami, the winner of Bigg Boss season 11, Shilpa Shinde, and former Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan. However, Arshi has become a source of some embarrassment for the Congress because of the recent comments on the late Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray.

Arshi Khan posted a video of her brief chat with a girl, who is seen asking her response on her decision to join the Congress. When asked who she felt was the tallest leader of Maharashtra, she said, “As for the tallest leader of Maharashtra, it’s neither Congress nor BJP. I love the Thackerays. Because from very early on, I’ve heard of Balasaheb Thackeray, Raj Thackeray. When I first came to Mumbai, I think he (Bal Thackeray) had just died. The whole of Mumbai was feeling so sad that I couldn’t figure out what had happened.”

Arshi Khan

“So, according to me, the tallest leader of Maharashtra has to be Balasaheb Thackeray,” she concluded.

She, however, denied her plans to join the Shiv Sena, a party founded by Bal Thackeray. She said, “No not at all. You asked me to name the tallest leader, so I told you so.”

Arshi had taken to her Instagram page on 2 March to announce that she had joined the Congress. In her video, the head of Mumbai Congress’ minority wing, one Afzal Khan, was seen congratulating Arshi for joining the party.

She had said, “Thanku so much afzal khan Jee  N i will do my work definitely thanks a lot.”

When asked if she will want BJP MP Varun Gandhi and his mother Maneka Gandhi to join the Congress, she said, “I’ve just joined the Congress. I can’t just tell them to join the party. Let me meet them, then I will tell them.”

Arshi had garnered quite a lot of news space last year after she broke her silence on her famous tweet claiming to have sex with former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Speaking to Rajeev Khandelwal on his chat show JuzzBat, the controversial reality show actor had said, “I respect Mr Afridi a lot. He has done a lot for me. That tweet was a mistake and I should not have addressed him openly about such sensitive issues. Afridi Sahaab ke bahut ehsaan hai mujh par.”


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