Comedian records powerful stand up in empty room to shame politicians, Indian media for apathy towards trapped Meghalaya miners


A comedian from Meghalaya has recorded an incredibly powerful stand up video, which he refuses to call it comedy, to shame India’s politicians and media on the crisis of trapped miners in his home state. 15 miners have remained trapped inside a 300 ft deep illegal coal mine since 13 December, but the rescue team has been unable to save them for the lack of high-power pumps.


Comedian Abhineet Mishraa has recorded a stand up video in an empty room to drive home powerful point that there were no one to listen to when people in the north-east had to share their woes with the rest of India, particularly the media.

Mishraa makes some powerful arguments while shaming the Indian political class. He says, “Two days ago, an Indian minister said he wanted to put Indians into space to look for extra-terrestrial life. I am like, ‘bro, why don’t you put Indians into that mine, to look for terrestrial life, 15 of them’.” He adds, “Every time we raise these issues, we are told, ‘bro don’t talk about them, we have bullet train. It travels 3,000 kms in 20 hours.’ I’m like, 3,000 kms in 20 hours? 10 water pumps, high-power water pumps were needed to pump water out of that mine. The pumps needed to go from Delhi to Meghalaya, a distance of 2,000 kms. Those ;pumps reached Meghalaya, 16 days later.”

Mishraa is menacing in his criticism for Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he says, “What’s the use of this technology that allows us to build statues 200 ft above the ground but fails us when we want to save lives 300 ft below the ground?… The tragedy struck on 13 December. (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ji has visited the region twice, my friend tells me. I am like yes, first time he went there to inaugurate a bridge and the second time to take the credit…Mlodi ji went to Assam, but the tragedy took place in Meghalaya..Any guesses why Modi ji did not go to Meghalaya? Because Meghalaya is not an international location.”

Mishraa then targets Congress President Rahul Gandhi too for criticising Modi but not doing his bit despite having ’20 MLAs’ in the state. He also takes a jibe at Priyanka Chopra, who is the brand ambassador of Assam.

Explaining his decision to record the stand up in an empty room, Mishraa writes, “This is a message attempted through a Stand Up set. There is no comedy here, no jokes. If you are looking for humour, read up on the rescue mission to save the 15 miners trapped in the coalmine in Meghalaya. I am a professional comic who can write jokes. But, none better than those written by the national media and our politicians in government and in the opposition. 15 lives trapped for 23 days as I write this. We could do better!”


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