News18 India identifies journalist Ravish Kumar as MEA spokesperson on Trump’s Kashmir mediation controversy


A TV channel owned by Mukesh Ambani found itself amidst huge embarrassment recently when it flashed a photo of journalist Ravish Kumar introducing him as the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson. The embarrassing gaffe took place on a News18 India show.

Ravish Kumar

The channel was discussing the controversy over a statement made by US President Donald Trump, who claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had approached him to mediate on Kashmir. No sooner were his comments made public, the Indian government moved swiftly to deny his claims adding that Modi never approached Trump with such an offer.

MEA Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar took to Twitter on Monday night to make India’s stand clear on the issue of Kashmir. However, News18 India journalists at the desk decided to flash journalist Ravish Kumar’s photo in place of MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar.

As expected, the channel had to face considerable trolling on social media.

What was even more embarrassing was that the anchor of the show kept moderating the debate even as journalist Ravish Kumar’s photo continued to flash on his TV screen. The show’s anchor later issued an apology on Twitter, “A small mistake happened in today’s Aar Paar show due to system error. Wrong image of MEA spokesperson was aired for few seconds. However, it was corrected soon. We regret error.”

Indian TV channels have become a butt of joke in recent years for lowering the standards of journalism through their biased coverage of current affairs ion favour of the ruling party. Journalists, known for holding the government to account have had to lose their jobs from the TV media industry under at the behest of the ruling party.



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