Case filed with Delhi Police against Madhu Kishwar after her racist attack against Muslims in response to Rifat Jawaid’s tweet


A case has been filed with the Delhi Police against former journalist Madhu Kishwar, who in recent times has emerged as a fierce supporter of Hindutva politics. Activist and journalist, Saket Gokhale, filed a case with the Cyber Cell department of the Delhi Police alleging that Kishwar’s racist rant against Muslims in response to a tweet by journalist Rifat Jawaid amounted to a ‘cognizable & non-bailable’ crime under Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code.

Madhu Kishwar

It started with a video of a TV debate shared by Rifat, who had accused BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha of indulging in bigotry against him by calling him a supporter of Pakistan during a programme on the News 24 TV channel. Rifat’s tweet, now gone viral, read, “So when Rakesh Sinha could not reply to my points with logic he indulged in his tried&tested trick—called me pro-Pakistan. I had to firmly remind him that Muslims did not need his certificate on patriotism! You can watch the full programme here.”

Reacting to Rifat’s tweet, Kishwar wrote astonishingly, “Yes, Muslims will need to prove their credentials and deserve certification given their track record in post 1947 India, not to talk of earlier centuries.”

The controversial former journalist faced a  social media roasting for her tweet justifying bigotry against the largest minority group of India. Tagging the Delhi Police Commissioner and other senior officials in the department, Gokhale demanded immediate action against Kishwar. He wrote, “Dear @DelhiPolice – Section 153A of the IPC. Cognizable & non-bailable. Request u to pls register an FIR within 24 hrs of a cognizable offense being reported as mandated by the Honorable SC in Lalita Kumari Guidelines. This hate speech must end.”

Gokhale later shared the copies of his complaint that he had filed against Kishwar with the cyber cell of the Delhi Police. He wrote, “I’ve filed a written complaint with Delhi Police against @madhukishwar appealing that my letter be treated as an FIR. Action MUST be taken against communal hate speech which is a crime under law. I will keep following up on this.”

Many prominent personalities took to social media to extend their support to Rifat. Former Chancellor of Maulana Azad Open Urdu University, Zafar Sareshwala, wrote, “Muslims don’t need anybody’s certificate! The people who always bring Pakistan in the conversation and question Nationalism of the Indian Muslims 1st need to get a certificate of their sanity!”

Last year, Kishwar was pulled up by Jammu and Kashmir Police for spreading fake news. In March last year, the Gurugram Police in Haryana had exposed utter lies spread by Kishwar, who had sensationally claimed that five of those who attacked the school bus carrying children had Muslim names.

Kishwar has been a serial offender when it comes to spreading fake news and lies on social media. She had once shared a photo of poor road conditions in Bangladesh passing it off as a sign of deteriorating infrastructure of Bihar.


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