‘Breaking: Arnab Goswami tests Negative for Journalism Ethics’; Drummer’s remix video goes viral days after Republic TV founder raised questions on Isha Ambani’s Holi party


A drummer recently posted a remix video of Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami’s rant under a hilarious caption that read, “Breaking: Arnab Goswami tests Negative for Journalism Ethics.” As expected the video is now breaking the internet with many applauding the creator of the video for rightly calling out the questionable editorial ethics of one of India’s most controversial TV anchors.

Arnab Goswami

The video posted by one Raghav Bhutani showed Goswami having a go at one of his fellow pro-Hindutva individuals. Goswami said, “Everybody has a little bit of gyan to give like Kanchan Gupta’s gyan, A shabbily implemented, poorly coordinated lockdown will defeat the purpose of keeping people at homes. Kanchan Gupta, have you ever organsied a lockdown even in your colony? I mean it’s ridiculous. What’s your problem? You couldn’t go to the club for a drink. It’s madness.”

What made the video incredibly entertaining was the drummer synchronising his beats to match Goswami’s usual rant. Bhutani’s funny facial expression made the video even more hilarious.

Bhutani’s post with the remixed video on Goswami has gone viral with more than 25,000 Instagram users having liked it. One user commented, “please keep tagging people. This needs to get viral . ??? make this man famous. He deserves it.” Another user wrote, “Background of dog barking may more apt to this pist (sic).”

A known supporter of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Goswami has been relentlessly defending the central government both for its questionable action and glaring inaction.

He had also lashed out at Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra for attending a Holi bash organised by Nita Ambani’s daughter Isha at her Worli house. Goswami had called Priyanka and her husband ‘irresponsible’ for not maintaining social distancing amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Other celebrities attending the Holi bash had included Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta, her husband Akash and host of other Bollywood stars.


  1. Are you a party supporter ??? If yes, you shouldn’t run this blog because your blog is biased too! You’re not an oxford University graduate journalist to believe in, are you ? Most probably not ! And please don’t criticize anyone just because you watched memes on his criticism . Arnab questions the centre too ! Don’t you know Republic’s stand on the Yesbank scam ? Where were you on the day Arnab slammed the government on the Kapil Mishra’s comment prior to the Delhi riots? So called “Janta ka reporter” , enhance your understanding of the world . Grow up soon!

  2. Thanks for the diagnosis.. the symptoms were always there for all to see, but your confirmation about media’s deadly affliction and availability of a test regime can really go a long way in tracing and isolating the +ve cases, they are the ones who need to be quarantined immediately..the entire jamaat..

  3. It took Arnab so many years to make a name and what we have here… Some out of work wannabee with no credibility other than bashing Arnab is making cheap popular gains… I mean seriously , I know to get work in this industry you have lick asses but this drummer has reached a whole new level of chamchagiri… These are the idiots who would blame the pm for every single death due to covid 19 but would question the news anchor who dare question these self loathing celebrities who take everything for granted… Way to go loser… Hope Priyanka notices your dedication and give you some work…


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