Bollywood filmmaker says he’s willing to pay to block Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV


Bollywood filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has said that he was willing to pay to have Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV blacked on his set top box. Sinha, whose last film Mulk earned plenty of plaudits from experts and Bollywood fans, asked Airtel India he could pay a monthly subscription to ensure Republic TV was not available to him.

Arnab Goswami

Sinha’s tweet read, “Dear @airtelindia I know it comes for free but can I please pay you monthly for blocking @republic on my set top box??? Please???”

Sinha’s tweet, now gone viral, evoked considerable reactions with many other social media users vowing to do the same. One user said that he will follow Sinha but will also include Zee News, India TV and Times Now. User I Patel wrote, “As well timesnow, zee news and India tv.” User Khushboo Tripathi wrote, “Terrific decision. I too want to block the channel.” User SD said that she had already managed to block Republic TV. She wrote, “Thank god, i finally kicked them outta my tv. Phew! What a relief…and big thank you to TRAI policy…I can decide what I don’t want.”

Channels like Republic, Times Now, Zee News, India TV and certain anchors on Aaj Tak, ABP and News18 India have come under public condemnation for whipping public sentiments by calling for a war against Pakistan. These channels and anchors are known toeing the government line and have often become targets of public criticism for never questioning the Narendra Modi government.

The terror attack in Pulwama, killing at least 42 Indian soldiers was a result of huge intelligence failure, but these channels have spent most of their air time either criticising the opposition parties or Hurriyat leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. None of these channels have till date has questioned the failure of the central government.



    • Those people who have a mind they only can enjoy ANUBHAV SINHAS FILM.It is not an opportunity any body (ANDU PANDU) without emotional mind can not enjoy it .

    • Yes. Truth is bitter. Arnab ji, I like your boldness in debates and your patriotism for our country. If anybody tries to block your channel or threatens you, they’re anti Nationals. Democracy doesn’t mean one can talk anything and do anything to kill the truth.

  1. Well done abhinav if any channel show the truth people like u getting pain every where whats govt failure only local supportand ur so called bhatka hue nojawan did this bullshit. Now u people insted going in depth only taking chance make worldwide news to make some people happy ..Shame on people like u

  2. I would like to block all pseudo seculars, their media partners, all awful opposition parties and channels like NDTV..that will be a great relief for me..

  3. I will be also happy to block ndtv headlines today. Who r anti national unlike republic and do not question afzal gang or siddhu and congress members.

  4. I too prefer blocking your news in my mobile. If republic is pro bjp, you are pro congress. What difference it makes between both of you? You all don’t give correct picture at all.

  5. I think we should ban JANTAKAREPORTER.COM … He promoting/encourage/Highlight such news which is saying that we shut the mouth of Media… Removing channel from ur set of box it’s somebody’s personal choice.. why to highlight this as News article????? It’s basically a big question mark on ur integrity with media industry…

  6. Pro congress is not appropriate, they are pro Pakistan. Their only moto is to analyse what Arnab is saying. There are severe others celebrity now thrashing Pakistan, this ghanta ka reporter will never cover that. Shameless!

  7. I am with you
    I am neither pro BJP nor pro congress but I am pro ethical and logical journalism where a pen should always question the negatives of anyone
    Surely Arnab navika etc are a blot on journalism
    I don’t regard Arnab as a journalist as he thinks he is the only Indian and rest of us are fools and we know nothing

  8. So you want people to listen to fake news of Pappu and his gang which other channels are doing. No way at least there is some truth and nationalism in those channels.

  9. NDTV spreads fake news, distorts reality, If pro india sentiment ,soft nationalism cannot unite people then nothing else can,if development and pro india feelings among people make Modi and BJP popular ,then why not, Nationalists earn country respect ,nobody respects yes-men/women.

  10. What can I say due to people like you all this are happening and giving moral support to they failed people I also request to block your news channel. Naming Janta ka reporter doesn’t mean you are the voice of all are also a paid media by anti national

  11. Your article is highly biased and completely bullshit. I don’t like your articles and would like to pay a premium in order to block your feku Janta ka channel. I am hereby boycotting your media and Anubhav Sinha.

  12. What kind of config u hv got? Your comment seems to say that the moment you switch on your TV , republic channel opens up? Is this so? If not why do you navigate to this channel ? No one forced you – right. So where is the issue? – .Airtel can’t help u here . It’s a wish that can be executed in a film.Pl make one to realise your dream.

  13. It’s only a publicity stunt of Mr Anubhav, इस मदर र्चो**** की औकात ही क्या है अरनव के सामने Arnab Goswami is a patriotic man

  14. Ur article is rubbish. Nobody believe that the stated channels are showing anything wrong. Yr mindset is anti establishment. Ur site should be banned from writing anymore.

  15. Have some Shame and be bold in accepting you are paid pro congess Prestitutes and stop this kiddish stuff. YOU ARE DUMB TO PAY AND BLOCK A CHANNEL WHEN YOU CAN SIMPLY NIT PLAY THAT CHANNEL ??

  16. These all loud mouthed Bharatiya Jumla Party members including FENKU PM & TADIPAR PRES who are having no shame on Addressing political rallys bofore mityred soldiers last rites are not finished should be floged in next election.

  17. Wow what an wise idea Mr Anubhav Sinhaji. I ditto your proposal. @Airtel Service Provider may like to accept our proposals. If materialised, billion users may follow and your business grows in lightning speed!

    • I’ve a suggestion. you can do it easily. just go to trans-himalayan forest, none of these elements will disturb you anymore, that area is india too…

  18. Sinha jee, watch the channels that you liked. Don’t go to site like republic channel and that. That is something called liberty of conscious. You have plenty choices right.
    For me I love the republic channel especially Arnab goswami debating on the panel. He is a real hero of 21th century. Where you have corrupted and perverted politicians existing against Modi gvt bringing changes in India. And Arnab goswami expose them all. My all endeavorances to solute Arnab sir! Well done Arnab goswami. I feel these people are jealous of you.

  19. So funny…..even though republic tv is there for free…..nobody is forcing u to watch that channel daily….u have ur remote ryt???

    In life….There’s is enough things to worry about…grow up director Saab.

  20. Republic TV is nothing but lies,building narrative, promoting division among people of this country…..when I say lies my friends I mean it for example Arnab disguised himself and told white lies about being gheraod by vandals in 2002 riots in Ahmedabad and had a great escape while he was reporting ……he has stooped down so low and calls him self a patriotic… verified he was not in Ahmedabad at that time and he picked up the story from Rajdeep Sardesai book and emulated as himself shame……l challenge Arnab to go to the frontline borders and report as many reporters do ….IAM a common man and IAM ready to do that along with him if he accepts but I know he will never ….only falls aqusitions no truth just retretic …hollow vessels make lot of noice

  21. Republic Tv, Zee, India tv and all Nationalist are showing real news. Anubhav Sinha and the likes of him are traitors and I wish govt comes with law to throw these rotten garbage out of my motherland

  22. I want to Block JANTAKAREPORTER.COM and Anubhav Sinha from Internet, and all Antinationals like NDTV Barkha Dutt,Congress from set up box as they have looted my country

  23. still it seems 50/50..ppl r least bothered about d root cause of the attack and accountability of the security personnel on getting d explosives in.. . They r good to sing patriotic songs, watching pato movies, blame opposition leaders but remember u r perpetrating all these heinous stuffs at the cost of 40-50 lives Indian soldiers whose families r devastated.. Your donation,help and biggest political move do not make any sense unless u take a prompt corrective action on avoiding d same further..

  24. What about NDTV? Who is this film maker?? Stupid congress stooge.I will pay to the government for not to release his movies any more.

  25. Truth is bitter for bad people. Your boldness in bringing out the truth is highly appreciated. Your patriotism is as same as ours. You and your channel is doing good job That’s why some anti Nationals wants the channel to be blocked. Our prayers and support always for our country’s patriotic brother. Take care. Jai Hind. Vande maatharam.


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