BJP MP Sharad Tripathi hit me with shoe because he has lost touch with his voters: BJP MLA Rakesh Singh


BJP’s Uttar Pradesh MLA Rakesh Singh has launched a fresh attack against his party’s MP Sharad Tripathi hours after the latter mercilessly thrashed him with his shoe. The video of Tripathi and Singh engaged in a serious fight during an official meeting on Wednesday had gone viral, causing considerable embarrassment for the BJP.

Sharad Tripathi

Reacting to the embarrassing event, Singh said that Tripathi was angry because he had lost touch with his voters in his constituency. He told reporters, “He (Tripathi) is upset because he has to face his voters in the (Lok Sabha) polls and people on the ground are not with him this time around. So he decided to vent out his frustration on an MLA.”

He said that what happened in the District Collectorate meeting on Wednesday posed a serious question on the democracy of India. “You (reporters) are the fourth pillar of democracy. You tell me what it means for the democracy. If he had any disagreements, should he have not discussed it in a mature manner than resorting to violence?”

The official government meeting in Sant Kabir Nagar in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday had turned into a battlefield after Tripathi expressed his anger on not seeing his name on a foundation stone for a project in his constituency. Singh had tried to explain that it was his decision since the project was of the state government, it only bore the name of the local MLA.

Angry over the reply, Tripathi said that he had produced many MLAs like Singh. This prompted Singh to point at his shoe implying he may hit him with his footwear. While he only threatened, Tripathi moved in with lightning speed to launch a brutal attack with his shoe at Singh, who also retaliated with punches.

Later, supporters of Singh had surrounded the government building, where Tripathi had taken refuge in. The BJP has not reacted on the development.

The Lok Sabha polls this year are likely to be held in April and May. The saffron party had won 73 out of 80 parliamentary seats in Uttar Pradesh in 2014.


  1. Political infighting has been exposed in the party which may affect its stature or future popularity in the state


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