BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi called ‘buddhi’ after she trolls Saif Ali Khan for naming his child Taimur


BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi is facing brutal trolling on social media with many calling her buddhi (slang for an elderly woman) after she decided to troll Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan for naming his son Taimur.

Meenakshi Lekhi

Lekhi, who was last seen trolling Microsoft chief Satya Nadella, took to Twitter to troll Saif Ali Khan for his decision to name his son Tamur after the central Asian Muslim ruler. She wrote, “Even Turks find Taimur a brute! But some people choose to name their children Taimur.”

Lekhi’s decision to troll Saif came after the latter recently said that his latest film Tanhaji  had nothing to do with history. He had said in an interview, “I don’t think this is history. I don’t think there was a concept of India till the British gave it one.” Tanhaji, which claims to be based on a 17th-century Maharashtrian military leader, had received support from the Hindutva gang as the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh decided to make it tax-free in the state.

Reacting to her comments about Saif and Kareena’s three-year-old son, one user wrote, “You’ve become buddhi. At least, keep children away from your hatred.” As expected, Lekhi did not like the criticism by the user and decided to admonish him publicly.

This is not the first time, Lekhi has exposed herself to incessant trolling for her questionable statement. She had launched an audacious attack against Nadella a week ago when he spoke against the amended Citizenship Act, which discriminates against Muslims. The motormouth BJP MP had questioned Nadella’s education as she wrote, “How literate need to be educated ! Perfect example. Precise reason for CAA is to grant opportunities to persecuted minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan & Afghanistan. How about granting these opportunities to Syrian Muslims instead of Yezidis in USA (sic)?”

Lekhi had faced public ridicule for her audacity to question the education of one of India’s finest exports to the US.

India’s Hindutva zealots had attacked Saif and Kareena with many even wishing death for the couple’s newborn child in December 2016. The right-wing supporters’ objection to the name Taimur was based on a deep-rooted belief that the central Asian ruler had allegedly slaughtered Hindus during his invasion of India in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century.

Contrary to the spin being given to Taimur’s history to defame a celebrity couple bearing a Muslim name, this is what one of India’s finest historians, once wrote about the central Asian ruler.

Irfan Habib had written, “Those whom he slaughtered were not all infidel Hindus, deserving their fate, as in Yazdi, but both Hindus and Muslims: such as were killed by Timur when he marched towards Delhi “obtained the honour of martyrdom (sharaf-e shahâdat)”. Like Yazdi, he too describes the slaughter of all the enslaved captives in the hands of Timur before his recrossing of the Yamuna to attack Delhi: his estimate of the number of the victims is more moderate, being 50 000 as against Yazdi’s 100 000.”




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