BJP lashes out at Aaj Tak TV channel for calling Modi’s election promises ‘jumla’


The BJP has lashed out at the Hindi TV channel Aaj Tak for referring to election promises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as jumla (fake promises). The party posted a clip of a news broadcast on Aaj Tak along with another clip of Modi’s election speech in Amroha last week.

Aaj Tak

In the video, an Aaj Tak anchor could be seen asking, “Were Modi’s election promises in 2014 fake? Were they jumlas? Modi clearly said this in his Amroha rally that he never promised fulfill his promises. He asked for votes for 2019 once again.”

According to the video, posted by the BJP, Modi was heard saying, “I’ve never claimed that all promises that I made have been fulfilled. But, one thing is clear that I have worked tirelessly to make your life easier. To take these works forward, I once again need your blessings in 2019 elections.”

Modi had made these comments right towards the end of his speech, which sounded lacklustre by Modi’s usual standards. Not only Modi had to end his speech within 30 minutes, he failed to evoke satisfactory response when he asked those present in his rally to chant Main Bhi Chowkidar slogans.

In Amroha, Modi did not quite call his election promises of 2014 ‘jumla,’ but he appeared to concede that he had failed to deliver all his election promises and needed five more years to fulfill them.