Bigg Boss and Salman Khan brutally exposed for brazen biases for Siddharth Shukla as Asim Riaz and Rashami Desai say enough is enough


This year’s Bigg Boss will go down in history for its brazenness in its biases for Siddharth Shukla. The show has come under widespread condemnation from fans who slammed the makers of the show and its host Salman Khan for turning a blind eye to Siddharth’s abusive and violent behaviour. But, on Friday night, two finalist contestants openly called out the brazen biases of Bigg Boss as Rashami Desai and Asim Riaz felt enough was enough.

Siddharth Shukla

This was after Bigg Boss appeared to admonish Asim Riaz reminding him that the jail task was not about using force but contestants were expected to get hold of the key by showing their agility. Asim was admonished for allegedly pushing Siddharth. This irked Asim so much that he decided to call out the biases of the reality show. He told Rashami that Bigg Boss was nimble-footed in admonishing him since he had pushed Siddharth, but the same Bigg Boss says nothing when Siddharth resorts to using force in the game. It’s called as the game’s strategy, added Asim.

Asim’s decision to expose Bigg Boss just before the finale week did not go down well the makers as he was admonished for his comments. Asim was vindicated moments later as Siddharth was accused of pushing and allegedly hurting Rashami when the game resumed after the warning from Bigg Boss.

Rashami was later seen losing her cool on the biases of Bigg Boss for not restraining Siddharth despite having allegedly injured her jaw during the task.

The development did not go unnoticed by Twitterati, who launched a tirade against the Colors TV’s reality show.

Earlier, Salman had faced public ridicule for his fear of admonishing Siddharth because many felt that he did not want to go against his employer, Colors TV. Siddharth had become the first contestant in the history of Bigg Boss to show the Bollywood megastar his place. Since then, Salman has been visibly frightened to admonish Siddharth even when he crossed lines by physically assaulting contestants and abusing their parents.


  1. Y is rashmi standing so close to him u can c her leg just next sidd so w hat is he supposed to do she just wanted to create a scene so she called back asim so u can c what is her game plan.when u stand close u r bound to get hurt he dint pull her

  2. Shukla did the same even when Paras and Mahira were in Rashmi s team. The show has been biased since day one. All ex big boss contestants all should have been brought half way this season to join the new present contestants of this season, then it would be great fun when they are pushed and abused along with their families. Siddharth has pushed Asim several times, but it has just been overlooked. Asim is always scolded at. Also ridiculed many a times. Siddharth cannot accept defeat, he will go to any length to win the task. Asim is not as aggressive. A new trend if a fight begins with shukla and Asim then the other four get into it and say that Asim is instigating. But it is the others from Shuklas team who adds fuel to the fire. May the best person win If arrogance makes you awinner then all should be given the same opportunity

  3. It is clearly seen that Siddharth was very wrong in his task (this task)…but Bigg boss and Salman will take
    class for Rashmi and Azim….Why this favour?..if u want to feed this wrong person and give him trophy….why wasting our time

  4. Time & again, Shukla is let of easily by Big Boss & Salman Khan, they want him to be the winner, fixed. This is not fair at all,

  5. Asim and rashmi could not win so they made amountain of a small incident. Wen big boss favours them its d horse game boss favoured asims judgement even wen he was wrong.Asim pokes siddarth to no end with his screeching voice.Go ahead Siddarth.

  6. Show owner daughter is Siddharth GF it’s internal confirm news….that’s the reason channels is baised ! You can check the truth !

  7. Rubbish…long back I already wrote the whole bb is a farce, biased showed how Khan is shown his aukat…that a small fry sukla turned him into a small puppy…ha ha haaaa shame mr. K han…K.Dutta

  8. Salman Khan never biased anyone…. Asim and Rashmi jealous to Siddharth Shukla…vo 2 the aur Siddhartha Akela…tab b nhi jeet Paye… Shame on asim and Rashmi????

  9. When the game started Asim pushed Sukla and tried to catch him.why did he do that?? Than if Sukla does something and if Rashmi or Asim get hurt what is the fault of Sukla or Salman.or Big Boss.Sukla is never at fault .Now Asim is creating a rift between Aarti,Shenaz and Sukla by tell Aarti why he did not save her. Sukla can do what he wants . Why are you after him with your vicious smile.

  10. Its best to declare shukla the winner
    Even salman cannot say anything to him
    Its shocking to see salman bowed down by a simple TV personality

  11. Please Biased Boss please give the damn trophy to Thukla. What a biased show. Can see Salman’s frustration in not been able to show thukla his place. Thukla is so so arrogant. He knows he will be the winner and it shows on his face.. if anybody touches him BB will start screaming and if Thukla does that BB will scream at others for instigating him… faltu!!!


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