Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai’s revelation about Siddharth Shukla stuns Salman Khan after Arhaan Khan faces physical assault


In a hugely explosive revelation inside the Bigg Boss show, contestant Rashami Desai has sensationally exposed her former co-star Siddharth Shukla claiming that the latter was a drug addict or ‘nashedi.’ Interestingly, while she made a stunning revelation about Siddharth, host Salman Khan witnessed the proceedings from the other end. According to many social media users, Rashami Desai’s revelation may explain why Siddharth Shukla has been so violent inside the house. Many are also now wondering if Siddharth indeed suffered from typhoid and whether he was briefly taken out of the house for some other treatment.

Rashami was seething in anger on Saturday night after Siddharth attacked her modesty. The argument turned violent as Siddharth attacked Rashami’s boyfriend Arhaan Khan and tore his shirt. Siddharth was also seen pushing Asim Riaz during the show.

Revealing about Siddharth’s addiction to drugs, Rashami told housemates, “He’s a mad fellow. He’s a drug addict, a nashedi human being… Does a 40-year-old man talk like this?”

Stunned by Rashami’s revelation, Salman was seen stunned as he said, “What?”

Reacting to Rashami’s sensational claims, former Bigg Boss contestant Kamal R Khan tweeted, “Today #RashmiDesai revealed the secret of mentally disturbed #SidharthShukla that he is a druggist and #Nasedi. #AaaThoo! #BiggBoss!”

Another former Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan too slammed Siddharth as she tweeted, “If it’s about typhoid , then behave appropriately na , all the energy in the world to fight , all the energy to abuse , all the energy to attack back all in the house , yaar , nami kab dikhaoge ??? I empathise with someone sick , but it should be seen in the behaviour too ! Yaar!”

Salman Khan has come under heavy condemnation for looking so helpless after several media reports said that he was stopped by Colors TV from admonishing Siddharth Shukla during the Weekend Ka Vaar show.


  1. I think rashmi desai is much more frustrated by knowing arhaan’ s secret life. More over many people told her to keep distance with him, but she removing that frustration on other in last week she was involved in fight with many house mates… and sid is favorite out all.. so

    • She knew it before itself. She is just pretending. If it was a shock, I must say that she got over it pretty fast. After seeing her behaviour am reminded of a saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”! The way she shouts, screams and uses objectionable language, I must say she is shaming womanhood. She has a three year old daughter and if she watches this show, just imagine the child’s reaction. Her one point agenda in the house is to set up the others & all will join & target Sid. When Sid was out due to typhoid, Arhaan was telling her that now no one can stop her from winning the show. Arhaan went out & came back and he knows Sid is the most popular contestant in the show. Only Sid deserves to win as all the others are fake.

  2. She has no point of view bcoz she already knows that her bf is a liar. To Bevin BB HOUSE she start fighting just after the nomination till Thursday n became good girl on Friday n so innocent on Saturday n Sunday. It’s good. She is a clever lady who knows how to utilise a person to stick in bb house. She knows without fight or talk with Shukla she will not survive in this house. So she played like this.
    JUST EVICT AARAHAN KHAN, then she will vanished from the show. Bcoz no-one like to talk with her.
    Sorry friends, i don’t like her stand or her Girls card to be in this show.

    See i will like to see the stand of Shehnaaz n Mahira but not interested for Rashami.


  3. Rashami Desai is drama queen. All she does is cry. Nice game she is playing.
    So some one had issues with drugs that is Siidarth Shukla ‘s business. This comes under privacy rules. How does Rashmai knows?
    Does she have proof.? This is down right slander. Personally this show should be taken off the air.
    You live in India and have no respect for your culture . You behave as if you are living in western world.
    Physical altercation between anyone should not be tolerated by the channel. Also verbal abuse should not be tolerated from neither gender. These are so called actors paid by the channel to do what? These adults are worse than children.stop the show. I will be cancelling this channel with my provider. Worse show ever

  4. Sid you are sick… U hv no ethics… Just repeating the same lines or words everytime. You hv no strategy of yr own… Just plotting… This will take you no where. Rashmi n asim are strong n they voice their opinion…. They r winners n they hv proved it time n again.
    Sid you need to go to a rehab n undergo treatment.

  5. Salman is absolutely right! Sidharth has his own behaviour and stand like others… I support sid and salman is the perfect host for bigger boss.. Salute him for his patience…

  6. Kick out the dirt Shukla from bigg boss…instead the khan is pampering him…as he himself is a mysoginist sheet and shame this program…it is meant to dishonour women such things they are spreading and justifying…it’s criminal…Shukla be charged with fir and khan be banned from conducting it…

  7. This article is so biased. You conveniently forgot to point out that Rashmi threw tea on Sid first. Sid the three tea on Rashmi. The the good for nothing idiot fraudster Arhaan three.tea on Sid and said he will throw acid on Sids face outside. After which Sid tore his shirt. Listen to the interviews of some of the mutual costars of Sid and Rashmi. They will tell you that Sid is respectful of people whether it’s a woman or a Spotboy. The audience sees everything, they are not stupid. Latest In the house Is that Asim Rashmi and fraudster Arhaan are plotting to make Sid get angry and do something that would evict him from the house. They know that as long as Sid is there, they do t stand a chance. Simple as that.


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