Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz rekindle their friendship in separation days after Salman Khan’s angry reaction?


It’s been two days since Siddharth Shukla left the main house of the Bigg Boss reality show, but his relationship with Asiam Riaz appears to be already heading in a positive direction. From being close buddies, the two contestants had bitterly fought with Siddharth even violently attacking Asim. This was followed by Siddharth leaving the house for treatment for suspected typhoid before being shifted to a secret room, where he was joined by Paras Chhabra. However, while away from each other, Siddharth and Asim appear to be moving towards mending their relationship.

Siddharth Shukla

There were at least two occasions on Tuesday night when Asim reminded Shefali Jariwala that she was being thankless to the act of goodness extended by Siddharth after the latter supported her for the captaincy task. Asim kept batting for Siddharth during his full-blown fight with Shefali.

Siddharth too appreciated Asim’s gesture when the latter decided to sacrifice his chance to become a captain of the house by handing over Aarti Singh’s letter to her. Siddharth, who was watching the development from his secret room appeared to call Asim’s gesture ‘sweet.’ The two incidents came like a breath of fresh air in light of days of bitter fights inside the competition.

Host Salman Khan had twice admonished Siddharth for his violence inside the house.

Fans and former Bigg Boss contestants too had their own interpretation of the changed equation of Asim with Siddharth. Some even felt that Asim was desperately trying to get back his old group consisting of Siddharth.  Although, his decision to betray Mahira by destroying her letter appears to be a shining example of the fact that he has not forgotten his old rivalry with her.

It remains to be seen how Siddharth reacts after his return to the Bigg Boss house.


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