Bigg Boss 12: Shoaib Ibrahim ‘reminds’ Sreesanth that he is Dipika Kakar’s brother, Somi Khan in meltdown after encounter with Romil Chaudhary’s wife

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Bigg Boss 12 show on Monday night saw plenty of drama after more family members of the contestants entered the house. Entering the house on Monday night were Saba Khan and Romil Chaudhary’s wife. As reported by Janta Ka ReporterRomil’s wife made sure that she was not pleased with Somi Khan’s advancement’s to her husband as she repeated reminded her she mustn’t forget that she was younger sister to Romil.

And if that was not enough, Romil’s wife told Somi that she had bought a gift for her which she will hand over when she joins them for Bhaiyya Dooj, a Hindu festival observed to celebrate the brother-sister relationship.

Somi had no doubts in her mind that Romil’s wife had not taken kindly to her advancements to Romil, who is a father of one child. Aware that she’s being viewed in an extremely negative light outside the show with her moral values being questioned, Somi suffered an emotional breakdown as she was seen lying on the bed with teary eyed.

She told a housemate not to make any comments about her relationship with Romil in future, adding that she needed to be careful in future about her conduct in the house. Romil too appeared shaken by his wife’s comments that had to stop playing the game for others (read Somi) now that only three weeks left in the reality show.

In a separate incident, Dipika Kakar’s actor husband Shoaib Ibrahim also entered the house. Among other things, Shoaib went to Sreesanth and thanked him for being kind to his wife Dipika. Just like Romil’s wife, Shoaib too made sure that Sreesanth knew that Dipika was like his sister as he said that he finally had found a saala (brother-in-law) in him. Shoaib also appeared to make sure that he was loud enough for Dipika to hear his conversation with the former India cricketer.

Sreesanth’s relationship with Dipika has often been in news for wrong reasons even though the two have often claimed that they were in brother-sister relationship.



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