Bigg Boss 12: Romil Chaudhary’s wife ‘questions’ Somi Khan’s character, reportedly tells her to not go beyond brother-sister relationship


Sunday night’s Bigg Boss show is going to be explosive as sparks are set to fly in all directions after the house sees family members meet contestants. The show’s makers have already released a promotional video of Sreesanth’s wife giving a public dressing down to Surbhi Rana, who’s been accused of giving grief to the former India cricketer. Also, entering the house will be Romil Chaudhary’s wife, who will arrive with the couple’s little son.

Romil Chaudhary

According to the show insiders, Romil’s wife will be seen slamming Surbhi for her alleged rude behaviour towards her husband. After entering the house, she is also reported to have slammed Somi Khan for allegedly crossing her limits in what’s being described as a brother-sister relationship.

According to Twitter handle @BigBoss_Kahbri, which has been accurately reporting the goings on from inside the house, Romil’s wife told Somi bluntly, “Romil ki sister ho to sister ban ke raho , usse aage mat badho (If you claim to be Romil’s sister, then behave like a sister. Don’t cross your limits.)”

The relationship of Romil and Somi has been a topic of discussion on social media particularly because the former is a married man and a father of one child. He had recently suffered an emotional breakdown because of Somi Khan’s hot-and-cold attitude towards him. Somi too has been emotionally fragile letting her soul bare about her feelings towards Romil.

On previous occasions too, she has been seen agitated when Romil has been shown to be sympathetic towards now evicted Jasleen Matharu. In an episode broadcast last week, Somi Khan on seeing Jasleen sitting next to Romil had very disparagingly told her that as Anup had left the BB house, she was looking for another option as a boyfriend/lover in Romil.

While Jasleen reacted aggressively, Romil quietly maintained his distance. Later, as Somi regreted her comments and profusely apologised to Romil, her act of jealousy did not go unnoticed by ardent admirer Deepak Thakur.

However, Somi was seen comfortably sleeping next to Romil in an unusually happy mood. Many felt that she was relaxed because of Jasleen’s eviction.

However, Romil’s wife disparagingly questioning her character will come as a rude shock to Somi, who’s so far earned praises from everyone including Salman Khan for being a fair contestant.


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