Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar called fake bahu after she loses cool at Deepak Thakur for ‘inappropriate touch’


Bigg Boss 12 competition on Tuesday night took an unexpected ugly turn after Dipika Kakar lost her cool alleging an inappropriate touch by Deepak Thakur during a Panchayat task. She was branded as fake bahu by the housemates as her unexpected mood swing took many of them by a surprise.

Dipika Kakar

During an argument with Deepak, the popular TV actor was lost her cool as she yelled at him, “Do not touch me.” Dipika Kakar repeated the line several times even as Deepak desperately clarified that he had not touched her inappropriately and only touched her to draw her attention.

Dipika’s ‘bhai‘ in the house, Sreesanth, too joined the fight as he charged towards Deepak threatening to hit him. Dipika, who was visibly offended only moments ago by Deepak’s touch, was seen holding Sreesanth’s arm and pushing him behind by touching his chest.

Her relationship with Sreesanth has become an intense topic of discussion among the housmates on the reality show. Not too long ago, Dipika had lashed out at Romil Chaudhary and Shrishty Rode for comparing her relationship with Sreesanth with her love for her husband Shoaib Ibrahim.

Moments after her outburst on the alleged inappropriate touch, Dipika faced taunts from other housemates for being a hypocrite. Surbhi Rana was seen calling her a ‘fake bahu’ in the house.

Shoaib then took to his social media page to send a word of advice for his wife. He wrote, “Khush raho… Aapka khush rehna hi aapka bura chahne walon ke liye sabse badi saza hai (Be happy…Your happiness alone is a big punishment for your adversaries.)”

Dipika wasn’t the only contestant alluding to sexual harassment allegations. Surbhi too accused Romit of staring at her with bad intention. This left Romil in tears as he swore by his little son and mother to clarify that he had never looked at her with any lecherous intention. Later, Surbhi apologised for misunderstanding his intention.


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