Casting director in love with model enacts hostage drama in Bhopal, attacks cops with knife


Police in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh were dragged in to rescue a ‘victim’ of an incredibly unusual but dramatic hostage drama. This was after they were alerted that a model had been taken ‘hostage’ by her former casting director inside her flat on the 7th floor of a building on Friday.


According to reports, the former casting director, was in love with the model and wanted to marry her but her parents were against the idea. On Friday, the man entered the house of the model, who willingly opened the doors to allow him in at 6 in the morning.

Once inside the house, the man locked the doors from inside and insisted on taking the model to Mumbai, where the two had previously worked together. Cops were alerted and they moved swiftly to ‘rescue’ the girl but soon they realised it wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought.

Much to their surprise, they found that the man was carrying a country made pistol and a knife, with which he allegedly attacked a cop, who tried to force open the door. “When we tried to barge in, he threatened us. We saw the girl, she was covered in blood,” a cop was quoted as saying.

The cops then decided to establish a direct contact with the man, who demanded food, water, a stamp paper and a charger for his mobile phone. While holed up inside the flat at Bhopal’s Misrod area, the man was contacted by cops through video call. Finally two policemen and a sub-divisional magistrate managed to convince the man to allow cops’ entry inside the house.

The cops reportedly told the couple that there was nothing unlawful about two consenting adults marrying each other. They’ve, however, not commented on what action will be taken against the man for possessing a country made pistol and enacting a hostage drama.

“We have rescued the girl, her condition is stable. She has been sent for medical treatment. The man (who held her hostage) has also been sent for medical treatment,” Superintendent of Police Rahul Lodha was quoted as saying.

Ldoha also told reporters, ““They are in love and want to marry. There’s nothing wrong in that. They are adults. But the process he (Rohit) used is wrong.”

However, Deputy inspector general of Bhopal Dharmendra Choudhary said the police had formally arrested Rohit. “We have booked him under Section 307 (attempted murder) for attacking the girl and also attacking a policeman in the morning when he had tried to rescue the girl. Rohit has also been charged for holding the girl captive (342, 506 of IPC).”

Police said that the man had decided to go down the hostage route after watching a film his lover had reportedly acted in. The man later recorded a video saying that he was from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh and loved the girl but their parents had opposed their relationship.

The woman model too has told police that she agreed to marry him earlier since he was armed and she feared for her life. But, the model added, she did not want to marry him.




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