Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hain’s Shipla Shinde won’t be part of Kapil Sharma show, dares CINTAA to implement life ban


In a sharp twist to the ongoing controversy, the popular TV series Bhabi ji Ghar Pe Hain star, Shilpa Shinde has dared the Cine And Television Artistes’ Association to implement the reported life ban against her.

Speaking to from her residence in Mumbai, Shinde said that CINTAA’s role in resolving the current crisis with the makers of Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hain over contract dispute was questionable.

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She said, “This role was originally meant to be played by Rashmi Desai. But the show went through considerable changes and they pushed me to do this role. And I did that. The channel people even asked me to if I wanted a pay hike, but I refused saying I had no intention to play this character for a long time. So there was no long-term commitment for this role from my side.”

Blaming the producer for being unprofessional, Shinde said that she was never given a contract for this role.

“Kohli is known in the industry for her unprofessional behaviour. We never sat face to face to sign the contract. It was only after the show had become popular and I asked for the contract that she sent some papers for me to sign. Then they would put stamp paper later on.”

She rubbished media reports that she had walked out of the show in a sign of arrogance. Shinde said that she suffered from constant migraine and wasn’t able to cope with the daily travel to the shoot location, which was ‘quite far from my residence.

She said, “My problem would be compounded with having to work in incredibly hot environment because the show makers would turn off the AC to save electricity.

“I shared my difficulties with the producer many a times but I din’t get sympathetic response that you expect on humanitarian ground. Instead, she spread the rumour that my I was going to be replaced soon because of my unprofessional behaviour.”

Shinde said that the question of unprofessionalism arose only when she disputed the producer’s claim that she ever signed an exclusive contract with the channel.

“It was on 2 March when the dispute happened. After that the producer stopped calling me for the shoot. It allowed me to take the much needed rest. It was during this period when I was approached by Kapil Sharma’s show. They wondered if I could be a part of their new show, which I readily accepted.

“But on 13 March, the producer served me a legal notice. On 17 March CINTAA summoned me. In that meeting, there were 12 producers and just three artistes. I reminded them that the CINTAA was supposed be the body of artistes. The impression was that I left Bhabi Ji…because of Kapil show. Whereas the truth is that the producer is acting in frustration because she can’t digest the fact that the actor she threw out has now landed even better deal. They don’t understand one thing that you can’t make someone work forcibly and that too comedy.”

Shinde said that she planned to take her legal fight to its logical end. She said that she wouldn’t feature in Kapil Sharma show while confirming that that there was no question of she returning to Bhabi Ji.

“The question doesn’t arise,” said she. has learnt that the makers of Bhabi Ji… has now begun auditioning for the replacement of Shinde. The show’s TRP has taken a serious beating since Shinde’s departure.

Shinde was pained while confessing that none of her starcast from Bhabi Ji.. had extended their support to her.

She said, “No one has called me. But thats’ fine.”





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