Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain star Saumya Tandon issues warning to Pakistan, says ‘we are serious’ to root of terrorism


Popular TV actor Saumya Tandon has issued a warning to Pakistan that this time India was serious in eliminating the root of terrorism in the neighbouring country. Taking to Twitter, the Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain star used hashtag’#eliminateterrorism’ to write, “Salute Indian Air Force #AIF, bravo #IndianArmy. #Surgicalstrike2 #IndiaStrikesAgain. #JaiHind.”

Saumya Tandon
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Her subsequent tweet read, “Mission is against terrorism and to kill its root and we are serious. Message clear. #SurgicalStrike2 on Jaish-e-Mohammad camp.”

Saumya had recently become a hero of sorts after she refused to sell her soul in the Cobrapost’s Operation Karaoke that exposed as many as 36 entertainment stars.

Elsewhere, several other Bollywood stars joined Saumya to congratulate the Indian Air Force for its successful air strikes deep into Pakistan to avenge the 14 February’s terror attack that killed 45 CRPF soldiers.

Reacting to the Tuesday’s extraordinary development, Salman Khan had said, “Reacting to the news, Salman tweeted thanking the Indian Air Force. He wrote, “Respect @IAF_MCC Indian Air Force… Jai ho !!!”

Here’s how other Bollywood stars reacted:

The Indian Air Force jets on Tuesday had carried out unprecedented air strikes on terror camps across the Line of Control in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. According to reports, as many as 12 Mirage 2000 jets took part in the operation that dropped 1000 Kg bombs on terror camps across the LOC at around 3 am on Tuesday, completely destroying it.

Two eye witnesses in Balakot had told the BBC that they heard loud explosion as if an earthquake had hit the region. One eye-witness Mohammed Adil had said, “It was around 3 am when we heard a frightening sound. It was as if an earthquake has hit. We couldn’t sleep through the night. 5-10 minutes later, we came to know that an explosion has rocked the area. One of my relatives got injured and his house damaged.”


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