Baahubali Movie Review – Visual bonanza executed spectacularly


Parvez Chowdhary

Multi talented maverick director Rajamouli knows better than any Tollywood director how to get the best out of his actors and technicians. He is known to take his own time in ensuring the perfection while translating his dream into a reality on a big canvas.

That’s precisely what he’s do      ne with his latest flick, Baahubali.

Baahubali is a story of Sivagami and Nasser, who are husband and wife in the film. Since Nasser is handicapped he could not become the king and gave space for his younger brother to become the ruler.  But the princess dies after giving birth to Amarendra Baahubali(Prabhas). Sivagami adopts Baahubali promising people that she will make King either her son Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati) or Baahubali. She chooses to appoint Baahubali as the king as he ferociously fights and rescue the people from the dangerous deadly rivals.

But Nasser and his cruel son Bhallala Deva will eliminate Baahubali but Sivagami rescues the new born son of Baahubali and sacrifices her life. The poor forest tribe couple adopts Baahubali son and takes care of him. The cruel Bhallala Deva keeps Baahubali’s wife in prison and tortures her. She waits for her son to come and save her.

Baahubali falls in love with Avantika( Tamanna Bhatia) and takes her mission to save Devasena, meanwhile he comes to know the entire story of his parents but how his father Amarendra Baahubali gets killed will be shown in second part. So we have to wait for the second part.

It is an average script with no major twists and interesting plot. Very predictable story but the way director presented the war scenes and the presentation of beautiful locations are truly visual feast to the audience.

The film is slow and weak in the first half, but the part post interval proves to be quite outstanding. You get to see what you may never have experienced in Indian cinema.

In fact Baahubali begins to wow you only 30 minutes into the film. Truly a visual treat, this is bound to give the movie a legendary status in future. The war scenes in particular, will leave you spellbound and will not let you blink your eyes even for a second.

The casting is superb with Prabhas and Rana Daggubati delivering the expectations spectacularly. They will be serious contenders for this year’s national awards too. Anushka Shetty fans felt slightly dejected as the actress had insignificant role to play in the movie. The director has promised to preserve her for the second part of the movie, which will be released same time next year.

Surprisingly talented Tamil actor Satyaraj has maximum screen space in this flick and he has given sterling performance. Tamanna has author backed role and she looks elegant and of course amazingly beautiful who managed the first half to look more splendid and captivating. Last but not the least Ramya Krishna is once again brilliant as Sivagami. Both actors bring the classic touch into this period flick. Nasser is in his usual best.

Honestly speaking it is the victory of technicians. What a magnificent cinematography from Senthil Kumar! M.M.Keeravani has scored melodious numbers, while sound and Visual effects are the main protagonists in this flick.

It is almost like watching Maha Bharat on big canvas. If you like period epics then you must watch it. This will transport you to another world. There are enough masala elements in the movie for it to be a perfect entertainer. Go and enjoy this epic drama.

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