Asim Riaz’s father breaks silence on abuses hurled by Siddharth Shukla, makes stunning revelations on son’s past


Siddharth Shukla may have abused Asim Riaz’s father on countless occasions, but Riaz Ahmad has forgiven the former saying that he did not hold any grudges against him. Breaking his silence on the goings-on inside the Bigg Boss house, Asim’s father, a former senior civil servant in the Jammu and Kashmir government, told Twitter handle The Khabri that he remained ‘unaffected’ by Siddharth’s abuses.

Siddharth Shukla

Riaz Ahmad said, “Siddharth and I don’t know each other, so it doesn’t matter what he says about me. Although it’s not good that he abuses, I am unaffected as I think the reason behind Siddharth’s abuses is to demoralise Asim by abusing his parents.”

“I feel he has no ill feelings towards me and his abuses have little to do with me…rather Siddharth feels that Asim is turning into a threat so he tries to pull him down by discouraging him or demoralising him.”

In a remarkable display of magnanimity, Asim’s father said that he did not think that Siddharth Shukla was abusing him. He said, “I don’t think woh mujhe gaali de raha hai ya meri zaat ko gaali de raha hai (I don’t think he was abusing me or abusing my family). I feel a little bad when I see it on TV but I don’t feel angry because its a show wherein you have to live with different personalities and how you adjust with them. Sometimes they abuse each other, sometimes they have fun. The Bigg Boss house has a message for everyone on how to live with others and how to adjust.”

Speaking about Asim’s upbringing, Riaz Ahmad said that he was always notorious for his mischief in school. He said that Asim was kept in check by his sister and brother Umar until they studied together. However, he became incredibly naughty after both his siblings passed out of the school and went to pursue their higher education.

“My daughter (Mehwish), Umar and Asim studied together in the same school. His elder siblings would ensure that he pays attention to his studies, but as my daughter passed out and went on to pursue her MBA degree, while Umar went on to pursue his MBBS, Asim began to have a free reign in school. He was always very naughty, at times he would puncture the teachers’ motorbike tyre or bunk classes.”

Siddharth had to face plenty of criticism for often abusing Asim’s father during their fights. However, there was also an occasion when he had offered to sponsor the hajj pilgrimage of Asim’s parents.

Asim’s father said that the popularity of his son on social media was unprecedented. He said, “I feel Asim’s popularity is unprecedented. it also goes to show that there is transparency in the glamour world. Without having a godfather, he has managed to make it with hard work and passion. The way Asim presents his opinions, it is in a clear way, so the audience appreciates that. I also admit that in his temper he has abused, there are no two ways about it.”

How did Asim choose his career in the glamour industry? He said that it was his brother-in-law, who advised him to not force Asim to excel in the academic field. “My behnoi who retired as a deputy director-general had advised me on looking at Asim, that I shouldn’t force him to pursue anything academic but I should let him get into the glamour industry. He has worked hard and reached this stage, he has been to Capetown and Bangkok and worked for good brands.”


  1. ASIM RIAZ’S FATHER is a true gentleman.

    A Big Salute to Mr Riaz. I hope he does not accept the Haj pilgramage sponsorship from Sidhart.

    What has happend has happend. We cannot take back the words thrown in anger. Previously Asim Sid bond was a pleasant and awesome to watch. But now, hmmm.

    Asim’s Dad is a real hero. Thumbs up to this nobleman. I hope Asim becomes like his daddy.

    God bless Asim Riaz family

  2. Then and then Asim told Sid, no to his proposal of sending his(Asim’s) parents to Hajj.
    And seriously Asim’s father is such a great man that he understood the mental status of Sid at that moment,now it’s time for Sid and his family and friends ,the greatness of Asim’s family and Asim particular.

  3. Asim’s father is so shameless that he does not even mind getting abused by Siddharth. No wonder that Asim also has shamelessness in his genes. What a shameless family.

    • How can you say this you are the most shameless person who is talking about such a great person who understands Sid’s mental status at that time. You are so shameless coz you are talking about a nobleman . You are a bloody asshole . You shit guy this is your mentality.??

    • How Sid has behaved it is a disrespectful behaviour and the way Asim’father has reacted to it is called High level of patience. The word ” Shameless” better suit on Sid not Asim’father.
      I wish Asim becomes like his dad. A hero.

  4. Azim dad have got the biggest heart to first forgive the person and secondly he understand how hard the situation in the house with full frustration.

    I really admire the noble thoughts of Azim Dad…..

    I Salute you for your kind heart here what ever you said….

  5. Asim’s father knows it’s just a game and the contestants are playing their part. We have seen a loving bond between Sid Asim and that’s enough to show that both are good hearted people. So if it had not been for their arguments and fights they wouldn’t have pulled this far. So after all it’s a BB game.


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