Arnab Goswami’s unthinkable act as Republic TV founder accuses BJP of immorality and accepting corruption and rape accused in party


Seldom does one see Arnab Goswami criticise the BJP prompting his critics to accuse him of being an unashamed flag-bearer of the saffron party in the guise of a news anchor. Not to forget that Goswami had launched his Republic TV with the help of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar. But, Goswami was his menacing best on Wednesday night, when he astonishingly accused the BJP of immorality and embracing corrupts and criminals in its fold.

Arnab Goswami

Starting his Tuesday night’s prime show debate, Goswami launched a tirade against the saffron party of facilitating the entry of Harshvardhan Patil, who the BJP had accused of a Rs 144 crore corruption in Corporation Bank in 2014. Patil was a cabinet minister in the Congress government in Maharashtra headed by the then Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan.

Also joining the BJP ahead of this year’s Maharashtra assembly polls is NCP leader from Navi Mumbai Ganesh Naik, a former minister. He too was accused of corruption by the BJP in the past.

Starting the debate Goswami said, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is a fact that the opposition is diminishing but does that mean that the BJP will open its doors for anyone and everyone? Today, two politicians who’ve been accused of corruption have joined the BJP. Now this is not an isolated case. There are several examples which forces me to ask ‘For the BJP, is taint no bar anymore?'”

Later addressing a BJP spokesperson Vishal Sharma, Goswami said, “I want to understand today that why are you doing this? …You take Narada scam accused. People accused of sexual harassment you take, people accused of rape you take, people accused of extortion you take, people accused of stealing infrastructural money you take, people accused of bribery you take, people accused of bank fraud and chit fund scam you take, people accused of dubious dealings and unexplained turnover of profits in their companies you take. What’s the desperation brother? You just won a general election.”

Responding to his question, Sharma said that ‘law will take its course.’ This response prompted Goswami to hold his head in disbelief as he kept clapping to express his disgust on the response from the BJP spokesperson.

Goswami concluded by saying that the BJP leadership may have started to believe ‘too much in themselves’ and ‘maybe they think they are destiny’s children.’  He said, “Your (BJP’s) end may be noble but if you follow the immoral route, let me tell you that your end will not be moral.”

You can watch the debate here.



  1. AG has caught the BJP on the wrong foot at the right time. BJP is following immoral route to finish the opposition. These immoral people joining will trigger the downfall of BJP. Soon we will witness this during the upcoming elections in Maharashtra. There will be disharmony in the party if the new comers are rewarded with tickets and ministerial berths Already the loyalists in the party are gearing up to raise their voice if they are ignored. Hope BJP high command takes note of this. What is the guarantee of the new comets not ditching the party if they get elected in sufficient numbers to topple the govt. After all they have left their party of so many years for some reason only known to them and not for strengthening the BJO or give good governance.

  2. Arnav Goswami thinks that BJP is unadulterated party. See the accusations and court cases on BJP’S own ministers and big shots. It’s a dirty game of politics.

  3. Corrupt people and rouges are joining BJP, just to be protected of their wrong doing, BJP is accepting to gather more and more such rouges so that majority is maintained, when people have elected BJP with majority, why accept such people try them out and jail them confacicate all what they have.

  4. Now the opposition can say that when we were in the government we did some wrong things bcoz of some rogues in our party. Now all these rogues have joined the BJP and now our party is clean so vote for us to have a good government.

  5. BJP walon ne hafta dena band kar diya shayad. Or else we all know what kind of people the BJP is formed of. There are people with murder and rape charges and its news anymore.

  6. The political status of any party is not the entry of an accused but the funds needed to reach out to the world for economic development. Funds mobilized from individuals who are contributors to a developing economy even if they are accused has compromised ethics in the political parties. Compromises may look like a weakness but yet principles to protect life, wealth and security of the community and Statehood may have been taken for the benefit of the youth.

  7. Arnab accusing BJP ? He sure must be high on something and I am sure he will give clarification that he did so while he was being high on weed or something. That it was unintentional or his barbs and accusations were misinterpreted .
    As they say a cheeta never changes his spots.


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