Arnab Goswami’s representative stunned on LIVE TV, voter hurls abuses at BJP for failed promises


Arnab Goswami and his channel Republic TV have often faced criticism for openly flying the flag for the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The channel, however, was left stunned on Monday when one of its representatives tried to speak to voters standing in a queue at one of the polling stations in Bihar.

Arnab Goswami

In the viral video, Republic TV’s Prakash is seen indirectly asking voters which party they would vote for. His attempts to get reactions from first two voters resulted in disappointment as they refused to even reveal the issues on which they were casting their votes on. He moved on to a young voter, who appeared willing to speak his mind.

But little did Arnab Goswami’s colleague know what was in store for him. The young voter indeed expressed his mind but used an expletive to vent out his anger against the BJP, the party that Goswami’s channel has been supporting unflinchingly.

The young voter said, “What issues have I thought of (while casting my votes)? The BJP had promised to give us smart cities. They have brought nothing, motherf***ers. This lantern…” The Republic representative quickly moved his mic away from the voter in question as he began to talk about the RJD’s election symbol lantern. The RJD is the political rival of the BJP in Bihar.

The video appeared to have been recorded in Saran, a stronghold of the RJD.

What was even more embarrassing for Republic TV was that the expletive used against the BJP was broadcast live. Journalist Prashant Kumar, a former colleague of Goswami, share the video with sarcastic comments, “WATCH: When LIVE vox pops go horribly wrong on air! Watch till the end!!”

Prakash and his channel also came under severe criticism from journalists for asking voters which party they were going to vote for. Many journalists felt that this was a violation of the Model Code of Conduct.

51 Lok Sabha seats spread across seven states went to polls on Monday. This included several seats of Bihar including Saran, Hajipur and Muzaffarpur.


  1. There will always be people abusing both sides. What is important is that Republic’s choice of people was truly random, unlike how Congress functions

  2. It’s not a voilation for a dog doing his duty for his master. It’s same with arnab and his team it all reflects the same tail swinging dogs.


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