Arnab Goswami’s Rafale monologue: London boy faces grief for calling Congress President ‘fake Gandhi’ in spin-off video


Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami could not stop himself from reacting to a spin-off video on the Rafale controversy by a London-based child. The boy, identified as Suhruth, recorded his video while reproducing the monologue of Goswami from one of his recent shows.  Suhruth’s video, after shared on Twitter, has gone viral, receiving more than 6,000 likes, nearly 3,000 retweets and hundreds of comments.

Arnab Goswami

Whiling seemingly reading from a script, the boy in the video goes on to mock Congress President Rahul Gandhi for his sustained attack on the Narendra Modi government over the controversial Rafale deal. He says, “Guys, many of you believe that Nirmala Sitharaman, the Defence Minister of India, that she was too ruthless while systematically destroying the totally unprepared, unresearched and unaware Rahul Gandhi yesterday. Some people feel that out of sympathy if nothing else she could have let him off without pinning him to the ground and literally beating him up factually forcing Rahul Gandhi for a second consecutive day to run away from parliament that too on an issue that he created which is Rafale. I don’t think so.” This appeared to have been borrowed from the opening monologue of Goswami in his show broadcast on 5 January.

The young child, who may perhaps not even truly understand the nuances of Indian politics, then resorts to name-calling against Gandhi. Addressing Gandhi, he says, “You are a fake Gandhi, Mr. Rahul.”

This is what Goswami had said in his show, broadcast on 5 January.

Impressed by the boy’s performance, Goswami declared him a star. The Republic website quoted Goswami as saying, “Suhruth, you’re a star and have done the intro far better than I did. I loved your ending line: Jai Hind – Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Your patriotism shines through and hope we meet some day.”

But social media users did not appear impressed with the kind of adulation he has received from Goswami and other right-wing supporters. Many slammed Suhruth’s parents for dragging a child into a vicious political controversy, while others mocked the child’s parents for hypocrisy on nationalism. User Richa Sharma wrote, “First ask him to come and live in India then talk about India.” “Bring him to India. Mould him into a Gau Rahkshak… & Take care of the stray cows,” commented user Indrajit. User India First wrote, “He is speaking what he has been taught, sad that BJP goes even to extend of polluting the young minds… never mind all this only shows efforts being put to suppress Truth. Very Defensive approach, PM should answer not a child.”

In fairness, even though Goswami had called Gandhi’s allegations on the Rafale deal as the ‘biggest fake story,’ he was seen giving grief to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during his recent interview. The Indian defence minister was seen struggling to find suitable answers to several key questions over the controversy.


  1. If a child posts a post against Rahul, why so much hue and cry by Rahul spinners, that shows Rahul is as bad a kid as a kid crying for lalipop

  2. If you are a genuine parent, my advice is not to allow children to watch political debates where shamelessly lies,canards are freely used to justify their arguments especially by scuums like Arnab Goswami

    • Oh… what were you doing when RaGa is spreading fake news and spreading rumours? It’s diesnt matter who says what as long as it makes sense. Who are you to decide who is matured and who is not . A 60 years old could be very immature s and a 15 year old could be more matured enough to make any statement.

  3. News portal looks like a paid one! Thousands are praising him, hundreds are crying foul and they covering that few parts only. Pathetic journalism.

  4. Childish is Rahul Gandhi insisting on his tutored life. Obviously young children feel like heckling him. Hope he i@ mature enough to handle the mantle he wants to occupy.

  5. After the shock defeat at the hands of Rahul Gandhi , Republic, Arnab and ANDHE MAND BUDDHI CHADDIWALE AND CHADDIWALIS BHAKTS OF CHAPPAN CHATI has no better things to do than to get entertain with such jevuniles uttering FAKE words.

  6. This kid is right in what while user richa Or indrajeet stooge of family still think him great ruler, soory your IQ need to be checked

    • No, He is not actually Kutta. But he always give his opinion on facts. That is all he does from last 20 years. You can check Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab.

  7. G Satis, He is not Kutta actually. He gives his opinion based on facts only. He believes in opinion based media, taking on right and wrong and not just reporting like other media. You can check Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab Goswami. I am not his follower litterly but taking side who is correct.

    And is it not Shameful for India, that Airforce demand aircraft in 2004 and deal in even not sign in 2014.

  8. Still nobody could answer the 30000 cr to AA.. .Holland said, AA was Modi’s choice…how the 126 aircraft deal was reduced to 36 …Demonetisation was big blow to the Indian economy.. .Rafael corrupt deal is a big blow to India’s security..

  9. If the boy had danced to a Bollywood number and called Gandhi family the greatest family ever and spoken softly on Kashmir terrorism, he would have been hailed as a whizkid with a thinking mind abt Indian politics.

  10. That’s kid. But if rafale is not a scam then why BJP is afraid of investigation. You don’t need to be scared unless you looted. And it’s taxpayers money, so why tax payers won’t know if they got looted or not. It’s as simple as to understand. Don’t be blindly support anyone please.

  11. Without proof,Pappu is shouting. And Indians are believing him to be right. I dont know what made the kid say it,but we can acfept Pappu insulting our PM outside,but not an outiside Indian talk about India.
    India,get Matured

  12. What credentials this kid has to mock Mr. Rahul Gandhi, unaware of any facts or controversies, he is just blabbering some stupid shit. The only source of knowledge he has is his father. And seriously living in Landon, unaware of anything about india, just saying some stupid thing make him and his parents more stupid. Parents of the kid should really feel shame for corrupting his mind instead of imposing their beliefs and propagands on this kid.


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