Arnab Goswami’s former Times Now colleague Navika Kumar faces brutal trolling after she asks Saif Ali Khan for flying kiss from Taimur, irritated Dad says ‘he’s on potty’


Arnab Goswami’s former Times Now colleague Navika Kumar faced brutal trolling on Friday after a video clip of her interview with Saif Ali Khan about his son Taimur went viral on social media. What caused Times Now to also trend on Twitter was Saif Ali Khan’s reply to a question by Navika Kumar, who requested for a glimpse of Taimur to cheer up the audience of her TV channel with a flying kiss. Responding to Kumar’s request, a visibly irritated Saif said that Taimur could not appear on the TV channel since he was ‘on the potty.’

Saif Ali Khan

Navika asked Saif if he was drawing inspiration from his fitness freak wife Kareena Kapoor Khan to keep himself busy during the nationwide lockdown in India. To which Saif replied, “I think we are a good team here. We are very lucky that we have got a little bundle of positive energy in Taimur, who’s Buddhist in his positive attitude towards everything that’s going on. So yeah, we are spending our days like I told you; morning exercising then reading and then cooking and trying to be as positive as possible.”

Saif then likened the current prevailing situation to that of World War 2 and India’s partition in 1947 to drive home a point on the catastrophic impact of the coronavirus fallout on the ‘less fortunate’ people in the society. He said, “We don’t want this thing to go rampant in our country. People have suffered much worse than this you know. Ok, let me say one thing. Every generation has had a crunch time. I mean people have been born during the blitz when London has been bombed by the German Air Force or the partition in India or the terrible epidemic in the past.  This is our time and we are going to be judged by what happens.”

Then came the question that made Kumar a target of incessant trolling on Twitter as she stunned everyone with her bizarre question. Kumar asked, “Well Saif, before I say bye to you, I think our viewers would like another glimpse of Taimur. Is it possible to get him you know, if he can give a flying kiss to our viewers or just say bye to them? Maybe it will cheer them up on day 1 of the lockdown. ”

The Times Now editor, who worked under the shadow of Arnab Goswami in the TV channel for the most part of her career, did not expect what Saif planned to do in response to her question. Saif got up and left the TV screen saying, ” Let me see if I can find him. Hang on.” This brought a huge smile on Kumar’s face as she waited in anticipation. She told her viewers, “Well, well, well. It’s going to be a treat if we get to see Taimur again.”

Upon his return, Saif informed, “I am sorry. He (Taimur) is currently on the potty.” Stunned by Saif’s response, Kumar said in a bid to hide her embarrassment, “Well, we can’t quibble with that. It’s an important place to be in and nobody can interrupt or disturb him there.”

No sooner did the video emerge on social media, Twitterati began to give Kumar brutal social media roasting.

Taimur had walked into the TV frame during Saif’s interview. Wearing a hulk mask and gloves, Taimur had asked, “Where’s her (TV anchor)?” Saif had replied that even he could not see the anchor before placing his son away from the TV frame.

Taimur is Saif Ali Khan’s son from his second wife Kareena Kapoor Khan. The little baby has been followed by Mumbai’s paparazzi everywhere he travelled. Saif Ali Khan has two children namely Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan from his first wife Amrita Singh.



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