Arnab Goswami’s decision to become Mamata Banerjee’s ‘translator’ becomes source of embarrassment


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami is no fan of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Time and again Goswami has been found using his TV channel to slam the feisty Bengal leader, who also happens to be the chief of her party, the Trinamool Congress. On Wednesday night, when Banerjee addressed an extraordinary press conference to slam the Election Commission for imposing Article 324, Goswami decided to become her translator since the fire-brand Trinamool leader was speaking in Bengali. However, Arnab Goswami’s proficiency in Bengali turned out to be of little use as he was left embarrassed in the middle of Banerjee’s press conference.

Arnab Goswami

Far from sticking to the literal translation of Banerjee’s speech, Goswami also decided to add his opinion, mostly critical of the Trinamool leader.

For example, when Banerjee asked why the Election Commission had not acted against Amit Shah for the Tuesday’s violence in Kolkata, Goswami translated, “She is now demanding the sacking of Amit Shah. This is beginning to make absolutely no sense. She looks extremely rattled.”

When Banerjee launched a tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for hurting the sentiments of Bengalis by vandalising the statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Goswami alleged, “She’s now playing a sentimental card.”

Goswami concluded that the West Bengal chief minister ‘appeared to be challenging the Election Commission’ when she asked why the national poll body had not acted against Amit Shah since the Tuesday’s violence had taken place in his road show.

Then came a moment, when Banerjee accused the Election Commission of being infiltrated by RSS functionaries. This is where Goswami was taken aback as he stopped the translation midway. Banerjee said, “All RSS men have been included in the Election Commission.” Goswami had started to translate this bit of West Bengal chief minister’s speech, but stopped after only uttering ‘She’s now saying of course…” It’s not clear why Goswami refused to repeat Banerjee’s extraordinary allegation that RSS men had infiltrated the Election Commission, but it appears that repeating her sentence would have been heaping more embarrassment on the BJP.

It seems Goswami’s decision to pause his prime time debate to cut LIVE to Banerjee’s press conference wasn’t a prudent decision since it became a source of some embarassment for him too.



  1. You seem to be supportive of what Mamta Banerjee has been doing in West Bengal. You seem to support her fascism. If Arnab did give his opinion, there was nothing wrong with it. Any person who believes in democracy would have done the same. She is next only to Hitler. How dare she play the victim card yesterday. You should be ashamed, calling her a “leader”. She is a political terrorist. W. Bengal is not her personal property. It is not another Kashmir but she is trying to make W. Bengal into another Kashmir. Can’t you irresponsible journalists see that? Or have you sold your conscience for money?


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