Arnab Goswami’s colleague attacked, chased away by CAA protesters in Patna


A man working for Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV was pushed away and stopped from covering today’s protest in Patna. The man holding a Republic TV’s mic was identified as Prakash Singh, who had to find an escape route after facing the wrath of angry protesters.

Arnab Goswami

In the video shared by Republic TV, Prakash Singh is seen engaged in a heated argument with a Congress leader. who he accuses of having physically assaulted him. The man denies his allegations saying that this was not the style of a Congress party worker to physically assault anyone. The Congress worker goes on to accuse Singh and his channel of broadcasting false reports to mislead the audience over the amended Citizenship Act.

As the argument gains momentum, Singh orders his cameraman to continue filming their argument. Things spiral out of control as angry supporters begin to manhandle the Republic cameraman preventing him from filming the argument. Soon they also begin to chase Singh, leaving him in a state of shock. A visibly frightened Republic representative was seen profusely repeating kya hua, kya hua (what happened, what happened).

The Congress and the RJD had called for a complete shutdown against the amended Citizenship Act across Bihar. The impact of today’s shutdown was visible in several cities including the state capital Patna and Muzaffarpur. A report by Aaj Tak TV channel said that two people had sustained serious injuries after being hit by bullets. There were also reports of a place of worship of being damaged in Phulwari Sharif area of Patna.

Wach the video here




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