Arnab Goswami’s attempts to defend Harbhajan Singh backfires spectacularly, calls decorated army officer’s daughter ‘army hater’


Arnab Goswami last week made a desperate attempt to defend Harbhajan Singh for his controversial tweet on the successful launch of India’s second moon mission Chandrayaan 2. However, his attempts to defend the former Indian cricketer spectacularly backfired as he ended up exposing his inadequacies on facts.

Arnab Goswami

Defending Harbhajan Singh, Goswami said, “We’ve reached a situation in this country, where we are now being told by the lobby (people critical of communal politics) that Bhajji (Harbhajan Singh) should be hated and targeted because Bhajji is anti-Muslim. I mean they must be mad….Today, the lobby is saying that Harbhajan Singh is a communal man because he forwarded a joke after Chandrayaan.”

Goswami then turned to one of his guests, Saira Shah Halim, to claim that the real problem of her and her Bollywood actor uncle Naseeruddin Shah was that he (Harbhajan) was one of the most ‘firm supporters of the Indian army,’ which ‘she pathologically hates.’

Halim reacted angrily to Goswami’s extraordinary attack as she reminded the Republic TV founder that her father Lieutenant General (Retd) Zameeruddin Shah was a decorated army officer and served the forces as the Vice Chief of the Staff. She said, “You’re talking to an army officer’s daughter. Mind you Arnab.”

But Goswami was in no mood to detect irony in his astonishing claims as he responded with disdain, “You may be an army officer’s daughter but I will define you by your own beliefs.”

Halim responded, “Sorry I don’t support bigots.” She continued, “How dare you (Goswami) call Naseeruddin Shah anti-national? Have some shame Arnab. Please practice some journalism.”

As the debate progressed, Halim began to launch a tirade against Goswami. At one point she told Goswami, “Shame on you. Don’t try and bully me on a national channel.”

Goswami ended his debate by declaring Harbhajan Singh a patriot.

Former India cricketer Harbhajan Singh had recently found himself at the target of incessant Twitter trolling after he posted a seemingly harmless tweet celebrating the successful launch of Chandrayaan 2 on Monday.

Taking to Twitter, Harbhajan had written “Some countries have moon on their flags
While some countries having their flags on moon.” While doing so, he had also posted the flags with the moon from countries with a predominantly Muslim population and compared them to countries such as the US, Russia, China and India, who’ve had moon missions.


  1. Arnab Goswami has gone rabid in his struggles to stay relevant…
    The ‘Nation actually wants to know’ when will this ghatiya c****ya finally shut up barking

  2. Arnab Goswami is a biased journalist.we don’t want to listen hi speech. We want what participants are speaking. He tries to impose his views forcibly on others.It is just waste of time to see the hallagolla debate.

  3. Being a child of an army officer doesn’t automatically means that you are a patriot
    And being a son or daughter of a terrorist doesn’t automatically means that you are a radical. Naseruddin Sbah is an anti natioal he said that muslims feel scared in India and this is the same man who signed a petition asking the President to have mercy of Yaqub Memon. The situation of education is very bad especially in the Muslim world so this is a real issue why are you so scared of talking about the elephant in the room the author of this article is a classic example of a person who is a pesudo secular and a SJW according to this person anything you say ithat is critical of Islam even in the slightest Sense is because you are an Islamophobe which is not a real thing. Its just used by people who can’t give any real answers to genuine criticisms. There was nothing so called islamophobic about Bhajji’s tweet. People like you who don’t have any real issues to talk about are seeing it that way. Can you do some real research before crying about issues that are not there.

  4. Just wanted to know ” How much does tweeter pays to celebrities for a single tweet”. And we fight on these tweets in tweeter as well as on national news channel. I believe, the social media is making us unsocial.

  5. It was indeed unwarranted by Mr. Singh to downgrade our country’s indigenous achievenment by a divisive and arrogance-filled comment like his. These are the occasions where we have to show humility.


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