Arnab Goswami’s attempt to raise pitch on London EVM hacking backfires, two panelists walk away during live programme


Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami launched a tirade against the Congress, blaming the party for Monday’s hacking event, organised in London. Goswami made desperate attempts to raise the pitch in the wake of stunning claims, made by a US-based hacker on the fallibility of EVMs used in India.

Arnab Goswami

Goswami began his prime time show with his monologue. He said, “The time has come for the whole country to come together against a bunch of liars. Without the slightest iota of proof the Congress party has gone to London and on foreign soil the Congress party has said that the Indian democracy is a sham. Led by its top leader Kapil Sibal, the Congress party on foreign soil has said ‘far from being the world’s largest democracy, India is not a democracy at all’. According to Congress India is a banana republic where elections are rigged and Prime Ministers are chosen against the popular mandate. Ladies and gentlemen, remember, there was not one iota of proof in that, we were abused, people of India were abused from London, but there was not one bit of evidence that Congress had.”

He then questioned if there was a foul play in the death of Sanjay Gandhi, the younger son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He asked, “In Gopinath Munde’s case, it was an accident. There was no theory. But, I know many theories have gone around as to who killed Sanjay Gandhi. Did he get too powerful for someone to handle? Was he getting ‘out of control?’ Did he die a natural death or was he killed?”

His pro-BJP panelist Kanchan Gupta joined him to ask Rajiv Desai, who is expected to represent Congress’ views on the show, “Who killed LN Mishra?” Lalit Narayan Mishra was a towering union minister from Bihar, who served in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet as the Union Railways Minister before being killed in 1975 in a bomb blast in Samastipur. He had also served as a parliamentary secretary in during the government of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

On Monday night, two of Goswami’s panelists, Desai and journalist Saba Naqvi in particular, constantly complained of being gagged by the host. After not being allowed to present their views, both walked off the show, leaving Goswami rattled. All he said was ‘That’s what happens viewers. One by one, the cookie crumbles.”

A US-based hacker Syed Shuja had sensationally claimed that the 2014 elections were rigged and former Union Minister Gopinath Munde was murdered because he was about to go public on the issue of EVM tampering. He also claimed that journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered after she agreed to publish details on EVM fraud. He, however, did not support his claims with any evidence.

Shuja said that aside from the BJP, the SP, BSP and the AAP too approached him to know if EVMs could be hacked. The Election Commission of India had said that it was exploring what legal options can be taken on the live hacking event




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