Arnab Goswami’s attack backfires as guest walks out of LIVE TV accusing Republic TV founder of poor research


Arnab Goswami has been actively pushing the government’s narrative on Jammu and Kashmir ever since Home Minister Amit Shah announced the abrogation of Article 370 in parliament last week. However, the Republic TV founder was left embarrassed after a guest accused him of poor research before walking out of Goswami’s show on LIVE TV.

Arnab Goswami

Goswami was debating the media reports that said that the situation in Kashmir had worsened since the government ordered a complete shutdown in the valley. Addressing journalist-turned-politician Shahid Siddiqui, Goswami asked, “Mr Siddiqui, you don’t dine with the enemy. Geelani was an enemy. All you people used to go, knock on his doors and say Geelani ji ek cup chai pilayiye (Mr Geelani, please give us a cup of tea). And he snubbed you. Geelani was in league with the Pakistanis and, therefore, somewhere people like you and Sitaram Yechury must also think ‘did we have a wrong approach?’ We don’t talk to people who are against nationalism.”

Siddiqui, who was listening to Goswami patiently, replied informing the Republic TV anchor that he had not ‘done his research properly.’ Siddiqui said, “For a long time, I’ve been saying that these leaders in Kashmir including the Hurriyat, the National Conference, the PDP have been taking the people of Kashmir for a ride. For a long time, I’ve also said that we needed a new approach on Kashmir. It’s not new. I’ve been opposing this since 1990.”

Siddiqui heaped more embarrassment on Goswami accusing him of barking up the wrong tree adding that the Republic TV founder ought to have chosen a different person for his attack.

A visibly embarrassed Goswami asked, “I’m sorry, but weren’t you a part of many delegations that went and met Geelani (separatist Kashmiri leader)?” Siddiqui replied emphatically, “Never, never, never. I’ve never met Geelani. I’ve always opposed Geelani.”

Realising that he has committed a huge gaffe, Goswami asked, “I will check this. I am happy if you didn’t (meet separatist leaders of Kashmir), but did you at any point of time describe separatists as stakeholders?”

“Never, never, never, never,” was how Siddiqui replied, adding more embarrassment on Goswami. To hide his embarrassment, Goswami asked Siddiqui to reply on behalf of the pro-separatists ‘lobby.’ By then, Siddiqui had decided to call it quits as he walked out of the show.

As the Republic TV guests left the show, Goswami made a parting shot, “Walking away is one thing Shahid Siddiqui because you can’t take my questions.”




  1. Why these Muslim go to these bigot channels as a guest and get insulted .The should ban these channels and spit on there faces but these greedy Muslims can swallow their insult . Shameless anchors ke saath chullu bhar Pani me dub maro.

    • You seems to be a lunatic from a cult of whores, who gave birth to a son who does not respect himself or the values inculcated in them by his own religion.
      You need to grab your dick and search for a hole to get your frustration out.
      A simple three words would describe you , lunatic, frustrated and a loser @ Arvind BaagDe

  2. What can be expected from an biased journalist, pre-mindset to make sure to post his opinionated and say world is talking about it. How nonsense!
    For his TRP he will call sampit Patra and praise and same he will pulldown…what a hypocrite hooliganism

  3. Do any one in right frame of mind still watch this GuSwami’s monologue? Let him continue his screeming unabated and like the guest walk away, one can safely switch off the TV!

  4. Arnab’s job is to push the BJP government’s agenda. If tomorrow, the government wants to undo the abrogation of article 370 he will change his stance immediately and defend it.

  5. Arnob and embarrassed…what a joke..he is putting the right questions to the spokesperson to expose them..he will support congress when they talk positive about country..he is s true Indian and doing wonderful service to the Indian public..go and do his job and you will find how hot his seat is…he supports Modi only since hd feel that Modi is doing the right tjings for the country..So Shahid siddique walking out is nothing for him..please don’t create hype…

  6. Ok. Arnab shouts, Arnab swears. Alright. I agree. But at least he loves his work and his country. What about that Rubbish Kumar who says everyone except him Godi media? But I think arnab should stay calm. Must not shout. It’s bad for his lungs and health. And yes, he must research hard. I don’t think he would change his stance so easily.

  7. Have some spine u insect… If the portal is raising right then appreciate. But people like u love fights and problems around


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