Arnab Goswami told to shut up as Republic TV founder left silenced by singer Adnan Sami


Known for not allowing his guests to speak, Arnab Goswami was finally told to shut up by his viewers as singer Adnan Sami appeared on his show last month. Much to his own embarrassment, Goswami ended up reading the messages from his viewers who bluntly asked him to’ shut up’ and let Adnan give a live rendition of his famous songs.

Arnab Goswami

Welcoming Adnan, the Republic TV founder said, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. A loud round of applause Adnan Sami, my friend. Thank you! It’s great to see you once again. Great to see you. You made my day. We’ve been having a tough time.”

“Oh really,” asked the famous singer. Goswami replied, “Oh yes. You know, it’s like something common to you and me. You constantly getting into issues that are none of anyone’s concern. And when you have an opinion, everyone attacks you. You don’t have an opinion, everyone attacks you.”

Goswami, who had started the segment by deciding to do away with the usual format of the show, requested Adnan to show his magic on the keyboard. Goswami wanted to see the magic of Adnan’s fingers since he’s known to be the world’s fastest keyboard player.

Readily agreeing to oblige Goswami, Adnan decided to showcase his musical talent by beginning to play the keyboard. The result was truly magical. He did so for nearly two minutes. Goswami shouted, “Ohooooo. Everyone out there is applauding you. Right now, look at the camera Adnan. You are getting a standing ovation. People love you.”

Goswami then read a message from one of his viewers, who wrote, “Can you just shut up and let him talk.” Goswami then corrected himself as he read the message, “Oh sorry, Can you stop talking and let him play?” “Another one, please shut up for once,” Goswami read another message from his viewer.

Adnan was on the show to promote his new song Tu Yaad Aya. Goswami started his show by playing the full video of Adnan’s new track. When Goswami asked Adnan to name the most romantic song he ever composed and sang, Adnan said, “Let me just sing it.” The famous singer then performed the track Tera Chehra while showing the magic of his fingers on the keyboard once again.

Mesmerised by Adnan’s live rendition, Goswami said, “Oh God, I am controlling myself. All the greatest bathroom singers of all time are controlling themselves tonight.” Goswami revealed he loved sufi music as he asked Adnan which was his favourite sufi track. Adnan then performed Aye Khuda track.

Adnan went on to perform several more tracks live on Republic TV. Goswami wished him health and safety. In response, Adnan said, “Thank you very much for being a wonderful brother.”

Watch Adnan Sami’s new track Tu Yaad Aya



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