Arnab Goswami takes theatrics of TV journalism to new level, stuns his agreeable panelists by announcing resignation from Editors’ Guild on LIVE TV


Arnab Goswami took theatrics of his version of TV journalism to a new level on Monday night when he launched a tirade against senior journalist Shekhar Gupta before announcing his resignation on LIVE TV from the Editors’ Guild of India. Goswami’s announcement left his group of panelists stunned and made him trend on Twitter.

Arnab Goswami

Goswami was discussing the silence by ‘liberals’ on the mob-lynching of three people including two Hindu sadhus in Maharashtra’s Palghar. The Republic TV founder was also unhappy over the silence by a few journalists including Gupta, who heads the Editors’ Guild, on the spread of fake news by certain media outlets.

Launching his tirade against Gupta, Goswami said, “I would say, Shekhar Gupta you hear it from me first. Whatever remaining credibility of the Editors’ Guild of India, has been destroyed by its abject silence.” Goswami then asked his guests to pause briefly because he intended to make an announcement. This was about his resignation from the Editors’ Guild of India.

Goswami said, “The Editors’ Guild of India has become a self-serving organisation. And I hereby on LIVE television resign. Listen to me. I’ve been a member of the Editors’ Guild of India for a long time. I hereby on LIVE television resign from the Editors’ Guild of India for its absolute compromise with its editorial ethics. For being an organisation, which is only operating in self-interests. And I accuse you Shekhar Gupta of leading the compromise on  Indian journalism by not speaking up against the incidents like this.”

His announcement drew instant applause from his agreeable guests, who were seen clapping in the studio. Goswami said that the Editors’ Guild of India was a ‘group of has-beens.’

He also asked his viewers if certain Bollywood stars would be silent had the victims of Palghar lynching been non-Hindus. He said, “Let me ask you my dear viewers. If this had happened in a state run by the BJP and if instead of Hindus the ones who’d been lynched, let me be very direct about it, if they had been from any minority community, then would Naseeruddin Shah, Aparna Sen and Anurag Kashyap and all those lots and the award wapsi gang, would they have gone berserk today?”

Three people including two sadhus  explained by Maharashtra Home Ministerwere lynched to death on suspicion of being thieves in Palgahr on Thursday. However, as Anil Deshmukh and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, both the victims and the attackers belonged to the same religion.


  1. We will clap and bajao thali when this bigot Arnab resigns from so-called journalism. I guarantee he will openly join BJP (tho at present also he is in BJP) like his family members.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you Mr Sharma. This chap Arnab Goswami is a mentally sick person who should be quarantined in an asylum not for 14 days but for his entire life and those who watch his TV channel at least now need to keep ” total distance ” from it lest they to catch his sick virus and need quarantining.

  2. A joker with high level of confidence !!! Nothing but a disguised partisan and only motivated to carry on his yellow journalism!!!

  3. This chap Arnab Goswami is a mentally sick person who should be quarantined in an asylum not for 14 days but for his entire life. And he is spreading his sickness thru his TV channel all over. All people who watch his channel at least now need to keep a ” total distance” from it lest they too catch this sick person’s virus.

  4. News channel were supposed to be for news readings. See how these people have made it into a third rated reality show. God bless India if people like arnab becomes an MP or minister in future which is very likely..

  5. I see some people commenting against Arnab Goswami because there Anti National , Madaling , Islamic , Hindu phobic and Pseudo liberal mindset has been exposed

  6. On some found in dansing mood of swag ,it show that they r most dangerous than covid19, Arnab Goswami has brought one step of journalism ahead,he is know to his honest commitment duty toward fourth pillar of great democracy,while performing n justifying his journalism was most louder than any other journalist, he is most honest,patriotic citizen,besides independent journalist,he has guts to tarnish d cruel ,fraud,face journalism, there r many journalist ,like sudhir chaudhary also hammered on fraud designer ,naxal, liberal,anti national,journalist palghar brutal lynch,many not religious, but it is nonreligious lynch took place it’s a sadden to all patriotic,citizens but not to liberals ,anti nationals, Tukade Tukade,goons of family, there is appeasement of certain community by press which is leade by liberal, anti national chopping gang, who believes in tukde tukde of india and communist kind of Azadi, Arnab goswsmy has resigned ,and kept away himself from these anti national journalism group is most appreciated

    • Thank you for mentioning a brief of true highlights played by Mr Arnab Goswami so far in indian journalism. A journalist who delivers his sensible intellectual point of view about all nonsense issues played by any powers who drives against the nation & citizens’ ; points of view. A lot of goosebumbs gifted to us as well.
      Knowledge is power !
      So as Mr Arnab as well.
      Haters ;dont expect of power to sink….

  7. What a shameful act by arnab as first he is giving a false information debate.
    And then telling others that they are silence .
    Is this journalism.

  8. This baffon is not telling us why he is not outraged over chopping off of a policeman’s hand in Punjab. Any way good riddance!

  9. Whole day Hindu Muslim sunana ho to R public dekho
    Arnab looks like jocker Rather than TV journalist.

    People’s problems bare me sahi news ke liye NDTV India dekho

  10. Gadha Arnab ka baap Yogi not attending his father’s funeral

    And this three so-called bhagava Dhari Sadhu going mumbai to surat during Lockdown ?????
    Arnab Goswami ki sauch pe salam . Editor’s Guild se kachara saaf ho gaya . Enjoy it.


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