Arnab Goswami takes hypocrisy to new low after he loses voice on journalist’s arrest in UP


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami returned to present his daily debate show on Wednesday night after a week of absence, only to raise the war pitch, calling for an all out revenge in Kashmir even at the cost of ‘collateral damage.’ He also expressed his displeasure on the violence in West Bengal by launching a Twitter hashtag, #BengalBurning, before showering praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his new approach to embrace minorities particularly Muslims. The controversial anchor, however, decided to take his hypocrisy to a new low by completely ignoring the arrest and subsequent torture of a TV journalist by the GRP personnel in Uttar Pradesh.

Arnab Goswami

A journalist working for TV channel, News 24, on Wednesday had alleged that he was brutally beaten by the Uttar Pradesh Police personnel after he arrived in Shamli to cover the derailment of a train. The video of Amit Sharma being thrashed mercilessly had gone viral on social media. He was later locked up in a police station and allegedly urinated in his mouth by a cop.

Left red-faced by widespread condemnation, the UP Police had moved with lightning speed to suspend the guilty cops before registering an FIR against police personnel. The TV channel owned by Anuradha Prasad, sister of Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, has demanded the dismissal and immediate arrest of the guilty cops from service.

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This news dominated the headlines of almost every media outlet in India all throughout Wednesday as the development sent shockwaves across the glove. While Goswami held a debate on the terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag, violence in Bengal and Modi’s minority outreach programme, he simply could not care to utter a word on the arrest and the subsequent torture of one of his own fraternity members.

His silence smacked of his glaring hypocrisy since not too long ago, he was seen raising the decibel in his studio accusing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of launching a crackdown against a BJP worker, Priyanka Sharma. Sharma was arrested by the Bengal Police for sharing a meme mocking Banerjee on Facebook. The Supreme Court had later ordered her release on bail.

Goswami had spent no time in organising an hour-long debate on his channel while slamming the Bengal government. He had said, “When there’s Bharat Tere Tukde Honge slogans, they call it freedom of speech. When urban naxals were arrested, they called them activists not Maoists and outraged like crazy on social media. The same people who claimed there was an atmosphere of intolerance in India have gone missing. Do you know where they are viewers? A 26-year-old posted a meme and got arrested. The Supreme Court had to intervene.” (You can watch that debate below)

He had demanded to know the whereabouts of Bollywood actors Naseeruddin Shah and other ‘members of the award wapsi brigade’ since they had criticised the BJP-led government at the Centre for creating the atmosphere of intolerance in the past.

However, on Wednesday, Goswami chose to remain silent when a member of his own fraternity had been brutalised by cops in a state ruled by the BJP.

Goswami was, however, at his best while calling for an ‘all out’ cleansing of all ‘vermin’ from Kashmir to avenge the Wednesday’s terror attack in Anantnag killing five CRPF soldiers. He said that an all out attack even at the cost of some ‘collateral’ damage was needed to instill fear of security forces amongst the local population.

He also dedicated nearly 40 minutes in discussing just how alarming the situation had become in West Bengal as he launched the hashtag #BengalBurning once again. He concluded the show by showering praises on Modi for his minority outreach programme. While discussing the violence in Bengal, a panelist sympathetic to the Trinamool Congress alleged racism on his show after a right-wing guest questioned his Bengali origin.



  1. Loud mouthed sarkari pittu. No one attach much importance to his views or Channel. He is jester of Chaiwala Chowkidar, hey now our Paryatan Montri!!

  2. Emanating from the pen of a hangar on of the erstwhile royal coterie of the licentious Gandhis and their prelacy , if you will : this virulent and debased critique is indeed remarkable in the sheer acuity of the frustrations and prehensility it lays bare. Devoid of conscience, enslaved to a kleptocratic regime , these pseudo journalists have overpassed senility and ventured into a gray zone that heralds a descent into moral deviancy manifested in verbal imprudence sans purlieus of civility.

  3. When Republic reporter was man handled multiple times none raised voice, when Mani Shankar Iyer abused journalists, what we’re you doing that’s exactly what Arnab is doing? This is utter double standard.

  4. Arnab is right.
    Where was you when Mamata Banerjee jailed Priyanka Sharma just for a meme.
    You are not janta ka reporter, you are intolerant looser.

  5. What is your problem with Arnab. I have noticed that the purpose of ‘Janta ka reporter’ is only to malign Arnab. Why is this so? He does his program in his own style. Who are you to judge?

  6. Lol…where were you when Mamta Bannerjee arrested Priyanka Sharma….and those who chanted Jai Shree Ram…and you call your self jantakareporter…first talk about your hypocrisy…choosy news website with choosy topics and targeting only certain people…

  7. The journalist claims that he was was beaten by the police. May be he is right . But he was singled out is yet to be explained. Is it Arnab’s job to fight for every journalist? I don’t think so.

  8. You can take out one incident and highlight it with great gusto. But, do you go dead with other rampant issues underplayed by the lutyens media and promptly discussed by Arnab. You are a hypocrite, instead.

  9. What when republic reporter were manhandled in Congress press conference? No media house came to support him. Write about that incident also, why so selective reporting?

  10. Don’t you understand which things should get priorities. Maybe attack on soldiers is little bit more important? Than everyday common Bad doings of few state police officers. The writer of this article have zero brain.

  11. Arnab is vocal about all issues & events he perceives important. Is that a crime? Well, he should be happy that u value his views, especially when they match yours, jkr.

  12. And whom are you reporting for? It’s not Janta for sure, so could you please throw some light on your gurus, or public has to understand themselves! But don’t worry, public is smart enough.

  13. I have observed Arnabji of most effective and neutral. What he does on evidence. So about this journalist matter let he be asked to get appropriate answer. Why blame behind . Thanks.

  14. Let me tell you… He is the voice of the common people, he stands for right without any fear or pressure of political parties unlike many other journalists, he says exactly what we feel.
    He is the real “Janta Ka Reporter”!

    You people will never be able to create that much space in our heart that he did.
    Defaming him will only lead hearted for you people.
    It was just a small piece of advise!
    ( a concerned citizen)

  15. Republic channel works only for BJP,,,,,and don’t care other even if they are from media fraternity,,,,,,,,,,,What !!!! No shame ,,,

  16. How do you debate a topic such as this. Republic TV DID address the event, just not with arnab. Its a one sided issue, what happened was wrong. No other side. However, that is not what Arnab presents, he presents debates. Two sided issues, issues that CAN have another opinion.

  17. Are you Janta ka reporter or Ghandy family ka chammach?
    When you have stopped beneath being low, then don’t pass judgement on a qualified journalist like Arnab G. He probably does not even look at the trash you publish. And do me a favour …Get out of my mailbox.

  18. I love this site very interesting. Some body is disturbed by Arnab and follows him meticulously to keep reporting about him. Looks like he has attained a brand status of his own. This website is an acknowledgement of that.


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