WATCH- Arnab Goswami remotely gatecrashes in Aparna Sen’s press conference with ‘whatabouteries,’ gets snubbed by filmmaker


Arnab Goswami was fuming on Wednesday night after the news of 49 eminent personalities in India writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Jai Shri Ram slogan becoming a war cry to kill innocent Muslims became public. The Republic TV founder even dedicated his prime time debate to launch a tirade against these personalities that included filmmaker Aparna Sen and historian Ramachandra Guha among others.

Arnab Goswami

Earlier in the day, Sen had addressed a press conference on the issue. Little did she realise that Goswami had decided to ‘gatecrash’ into her press conference remotely through the phone of one of his reporters present at the venue. Sen was surprised when the Republic TV reporter turned the speaker of his mobile phone on while informing the celebrated filmmaker that Goswami wanted to ask a question to her.

In the video broadcast by Republic TV, Goswami was seen agitated while accusing Sen and other signatories of the letter to PM Modi of hypocrisy. Launching his tirade, Goswami asked, “Why were you silent when Muslim fanatics were attacking Zaira Wasim? Where were you when a man called Ayub Pandit was being lynched outside the Jama Masjid in Srinagar? Where were you when Muslim clerics asked minorities to pick up arms? Where were you when a man was killed, Krishna Debnath for chanting Jai Shri Ram? Where were you when Muslim clerics issued orders asking minorities to pick up arms? Where were you on any of these issues?

Sen was listening to Goswami’s questions patiently with a smile on her face until her patience ran out in the face of an unending set of questions from the Republic TV founder. She interrupted Goswami to announce, “Hi Arnab, so you have started your whatabouteries again. I am not going to answer any of your whatabouteries. Please address the issue. You are not going to succeed in shouting me down, I’m done. I refuse to answer.”

Sen turned to other guests in the press conference asking one of them to address the media even as Goswami continued to shout out loud through the phone of his colleague. This, though, caused a little annoyance to Sen but she remained largely unaffected.

The letter to PM Modi by Sen and 48 others had read, “Dear Prime Minister… The lynching of Muslims, Dalits and other minorities must be stopped immediately.” It went on to add, “You have criticised such lynchings in parliament Mr. Prime Minister, but that is not enough… We strongly feel that such offences should be declared non-bailable…”




  1. Obviously Aparna Sen could not answer a single question put forward by Arnab. She hid behind her colleagues. The Nation saw it irrespective of what you try to portray.

  2. So what is the problem in this case? Arnab Goswami asked some questions as a reporter . As a matter of fact Mrs Sen should have replied. Isn’t it simple?

    Or do you mean to say Arnaba Goswami didn’t appear as this funny Jata ka reporter , that’s the problem.

    Another fact is that this so called Intellectuals has raped West Bengal from last 40 years first as part of Red brigade, then Green brigade now they are just negotiating their price with the Gerua brigade…wait and watch

  3. This cowswami is everywhere braking like a dog…he should be send to Kashmir to bark at the terrorist….so that the terrorist will shoot him and end his motor mouth ????

  4. This lady called Aparna Sen is a sick mind, something seriously wrong in her DNA. She seems just few things and considers herself a master of all trades. Needs a good psychiatrist to be consulted and till then put in a mental asylum for her own safety.

  5. Aparna Sen was a beautiful actress yesterday. Today she is an evil two-faced b****. These Maoists want to destroy Modi’s reputation and make it impossible for him to manage his foreign affairs. I am sure soon NewYork Times, Guardian BBC and many others will publish the letter. I think what they are doing is treason. Time to deal with them accordingly.

  6. Aparna Sen and the Gang of 49 are trying to be relevant as the ground they stand on has shifted. They are scrambling to cling on to a world that they have had sole power and influence for so long. The bland world of the ‘liberal left’ who mime all the so called political correct positions from within their affluent entitled world is far removed from the realities of an India in which the majority feel that they are always being dumped on and is fed up with this liberal rhetoric. I’m not a fan of Arnab’s brand of journalism but aparna sen and her hand does reveal their blatant biasness against one side.


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