Arnab Goswami makes stunning confession on LIVE TV, says he’s indeed ‘uncivilised’


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami has become one of the most controversial TV anchors with his on-air shenanigans often triggering intense social media conversations. Many believe that the BJP’s ascent to power under Narendra Modi in 2014 got the worst out of Goswami since, according to them, it brought his biases for the right-wing ideology out in the open. Often notorious for his rude behaviour towards his guests, Goswami recently stunned everyone by admitting that he was indeed an ‘uncivilised’ person.

While discussing the fallout of the central government’s decision to abrogate Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir, Goswami told his panellists that they were responsible for his transformation as an uncivilised person. “I used to be a civilised man once till all of you came in my life. And that’s when things changed. I was soft-spoken. I was empathetic and understanding.”

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One of the guests interrupted to declare that he did not believe Goswami on ever possessing such qualities. Goswami replied, “Then start believing now.”

The last week also saw Goswami launch another round of bizarre attack against his former employer NDTV. This was after a guest from Pakistan sought to highlight a piece of NDTV journalism to counter Goswami’s lies on the situation in Kashmir.

An angry Goswami yelled at his panellist from Pakistan by saying, “What’s this NDTV? I’ve not heard of an Indian TV channel called NDTV. I don’t know anything.”

The controversial anchor did not stop here. He continued with his angry rant, “You keep repeating NDTV’s name. Do you Pakistanis only like NDTV and Rahul Gandhi? You repeat NDTV’s names 50 times in a day. You have lost your mental balance that you keep repeating the names of NDTV and Rahul Gandhi.”

Goswami earned his first fame by working for NDTV as a reporter-cum-anchor. He later quit the TV channel to head Times Now before he launched his own TV channel in Republic TV with the help of BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar in 2017.


  1. He has indeed metamorphosed into a clearly degenerate exuding qualities a lesser animal would be smoetified to sport. God what all those responsible for bringing him up must feeling. What a disgrace to his family and his circle of friends and colleagues all over.

  2. Arnab Goswami you are not only uncivilized but you are indecent, loos talk and selfish person. Right time you confessed to be a uncivilized.

  3. He just need to control his high pitch emotions while conducting live shows but his devotion to country is beyond doubt . He should be more selective while choosing abusive intolerant panelists mainly from Pakistan who are xenophobic.. His shows are loosing the luster it once had.

  4. He is uncivilised to the core.
    He has thrown away all the ethics of news reporting.
    He has dehumanised himself for the greed for money and influence.
    There is nothing left in him now to be appreciated.

  5. Don’t know about hus ideology but truly he said right why only Pakistani are chanting NDTV ad rahul gandhi name all the time..!
    I grew up hearing fake news of NDTV and its true they are truly the darbari pattrakar of congress family.


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