Arnab Goswami lashes out at his guest on LIVE TV after Sambit Patra called out for peddling fake news


Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami has been relentlessly running a campaign against the microblogging site Twitter accusing the platform of doing little against users with biases against India. His attack on Twitter gained intensity particularly after the Indian government revoked Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir. Goswami had also faced widespread mocking after he used Twitter to demand the social media giant to leave India.

Arnab Goswami

Days later, the controversial Indian anchor was again left incensed after the microblogging site gave a clean chit to Pakistani President Arif Alvi for a controversial post on the situation in Kashmir. The Twitter had later informed Alvi that it did not find any violations in his social media post showing the protest in Kashmir.

Starting the debate on the topic, Goswami said this week, “Believe it or not. Twitter has said on record effectively that fake videos on Kashmir do not violate its privacy policy. That’s why we are saying today #TwitterBacksPak.”

Goswami then turned his attention to a guest with Muslim name, daughter of Lt Gen (Retd) Zameeruddin Shah, to post a tweet accusing Twitter of backing Pakistan. Curiously, he did not ask his other non-Muslim guests to do the same.

One guest, identified as Nishant, countered, “All the accounts on Twitter, verified or unverified must be blocked and criminal action must also be taken by various governments because it includes people like Shaina NC (BJP spokesperson), Sambit Patra who have, in the past, put out fake news. It also includes Major (Retd) Gaurav Arya.”

This irked Goswami and his agreeable panelists who reacted angrily to some of the well-known cheerleaders of the Indian government being called out for peddling fake news. Goswami took a dim view of his guests naming Patra and Arya for peddling fake news as he launched a tirade against his own guest. Goswami said, “The biggest peddler of fake news is Nishant. He should apologise on national TV for questioning (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi.”

Apparently, the guest in question had accused Modi of approaching US President Donald Trump seeking his meditation on the thorny issue of Kashmir.

Goswami continued his attack against his guest as he said, “He’s a liar. You take back your words what you said on Narendra Modi. You take back your words.” Goswami then directed one of his agreeable guests to attack his anti-Modi guest saying that he must not be spared.

You can watch the video of the debate here.


    • If the Anti National activity is not a crime then Nishant may be right of the leftist urban naxalites Supporters.

  1. Who funded you? Some anti Hindu org, some baptistic org, some leftist org, funds from Pak, Cong, or are you being funded by your internal hate towards nationalist thoughts???

  2. Good Job Arnab da, .. only few has the ability to see deeply inside of any topic… By the way where was this web site when all the corruption and secret rituals to inhumanity was done on the basis of religion and cast was done? So, to the editors /bloger @jantakareporter do you have the guts to reply e where were you..

  3. This guy Nishant always against every issue which is in favour of our country either he is an urban naxel or paid by some NGO I think main stream media should avoid people like him

  4. People should stop participation in his show. He never allows the invited guests to reply unless it suits him. Always bad mouth., Intolerable, mannerless person.

  5. Important to boycott such channels.
    Jantakareporter must start a campaign
    to the public to boycott channels spewing hate and venom.
    When media takes sides instead of presenting the facts it is end of democracy.
    It’s important to persuade their sponsors
    And viewers to hit them where it hurts i.e. financially.
    This is the only way some sanity will return

  6. We have stopped watching his shows from 2012 when he was anchor with Times Now. He has no culture, never allows fair hearing and his shows cannot be called debates. They are more of the street brawls.

  7. I dont know whether my comments will be displayed or not by this janta ka reporter. It seems it is only targets arnab .this janta ka reporter earns its livelihood by hitting arnab. Arnab is its bread & butter. So arnab should not snatch its bread & butter.

  8. We are fighting for religion without practicing. 95% of Muslims are away from Islam with practice of pick & choose. Our Hindu brothers celebrate festivals with fanfare shouting slogans. But where can we see people whose life should be a role model for others to accept religion. But pakistan which is a name sake Muslim country harping for land with so many internal problems. They doesn’t look like Muslims. If it was so India would have gifted Kashmir for their character. Religion cannot be judged through Pujas & Namaz. It is the practice which forces other humans towards it.


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