Arnab Goswami faces wrath of Shah Rukh Khan fans, Republic TV founder declared ‘traitor’ for questioning King Khan’s patriotism after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death


Arnab Goswami of Republic TV recently hosted a TV debate where he was seen questioning the patriotism of Shah Rukh Khan in the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Goswami had accused Shah Rukh of having business links with an alleged ISI supporter, Tony Ashai. Incensed by Goswami’s audacious allegations, Shah Rukh fans have taken to Twitter on Friday to declare the Republic TV founder a ‘traitor’ as they trended the hashtag #देशद्रोही_दल्ला_अर्णब in Hindi which translates as ‘Traitor pimp Arnab.’

Shah Rukh Khan

Launching a tirade against Shah Rukh, Goswami had said in one of his recent TV debates, “His name is Tony Ashai, they say, but his real name is Aziz Ashai. Following the revelation about an alleged business deal between Shah Rukh Khan and Aziz Ashai, who’s known to be an ISI supporter, Jihad supporter, terrorist supporter. He’s based in the United States. If these business deals and business ties are not true, then Shah Rukh Khan should issue a statement denying the business ties.”

Goswami asked if it was proper for Shah Rukh Khan to have business deals with Ashai as he asked, “Would America accept if an American actor working with those, who support the Al-Qaeda? ”

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Tony Ashai later issued a public statement denying any links with the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI. He wrote, “This is the last statement I am putting out here about some Indian Media accusing me of being an ISI agent, JKLF member and instigating violence in Kashmir. I have never met anyone in Pakistan Army or ISI in my life and no am not working for any agency.”

Angered by Goswami’s audacity to question King Khan’s loyalty to his country just because he has a Muslim name, SRK fans took to Twitter to slam the controversial Republic TV anchor. Hindi hashtag #देशद्रोही_दल्ला_अर्णब became a top Twitter trend with fans digging up an old video of Shah Rukh shutting up Goswami at a public event.

Goswami has often faced allegations of using his TV channel to promote Islamophobia in India. More recently, he faced several criminal complaints for using TV broadcasts to inflame religious hatred in India. He was grilled for hours on two separate occasions until he got relief from the Bombay High Court.


      • Arnab is becoming a BJP activist day by day .. shame to Arnab, ..divide d country on religion,, pls don’t support Arnab , d idiot

        • Without going into the debate whether Arnab is an agent,(which I feel he not, he is had core nationalist) or SRK has links with the underworld (which he should deny categorically), one thing is well known for decades about connections of film personalities with Daood and other members of the underworld.
          Let CBI investigate the matter to unearth the truth about the connection of film personalities with the underworld. Only then it would be clear if Khans,Johar et al are innocent.

  1. Janta Ka Reporter’s (JKR) existence is based on Arnab Goswami!!!! Shah Rukh Khan, if he is doing deals with a criminal, has to be investigated. Can Shah Rukh or Salman TRULY state that they have not met Dawood and his men and partied with them?? Let Shah Rukh state this. As far as JKR is concerned, it is a pure jokebook.

    • looks like you are a die hard supporter of arnab goswami.
      If JKR is a Joke book, than they have got the right Joker as their hero.
      Arnab is the biggest actor/entertainer of Bollywood……
      All the top actors of Bollywood should learn acting from him….
      Not only has he aggravated the Film industry, he is now aggravating the Mumbai Police, and not allowing them to do their job. The Cops don’t report to arnab, and don’t have to answer any of his questions.
      wonder what exactly is arnab after.
      Bye the way he has dropped the China issue totally and he knows why…………………

      • arnab goswami is barking like a dog, he is a Satan, he doesn’t know what he is talking, he is deviding peace loving community,
        arnab goswami and his channel must be banned

  2. Bakwas report by this report er. What’s wrong for Arnab to show sharukh khan is friend with criminals? Anti india people.

  3. Just because SRK has gained popularity, that too by fans or viewers like us! it won’t be a previlage for connecting & doing business with anti nationalists or Pakistani supporters ! So there’s nothing wrong in bringing information about him to public through any media channels.
    Let us not blindly support or malign anybody when information is brought to public. It is the responsibility of SRK to denigh if that’s wrong!
    Just because many people raise noise, truth won’t get undermined.
    Let the authorities investigate and find the facts.

    • Very true…!!!Every time for everything religion should not be brought in between..He might be a great actor in
      the industry ,which many of us do like and agree.But in real life …as a Citizen of India if something has been found of him questionable by the people ,mere discussion for knowing the views on national platform.should not be condemned..just becoz he is a superstar…If he is clean,he simply shuld be able to stand by it.,all will respect…///Debates Are for judging both sides of an issue..///

  4. If Shah Rukh is really clean, he should give statement. If he do this, he will get more respect. Here, no question of Religion. Distinguished Journalist like Arnab may not have stated this without proof. Let Khan clear all and come clean. We all appreciate him.

    • If becoming nationalist and a patriot is synonym to being an BJP activist, I would love to do that and I believe any true Indian would love to do. SRK is just a mole. Why he simply made it clear on the information which is public ? It is not about Shahrukh Khan’s religion. It is you and people like who want to cash every time by linking it to religion.

  5. Ye Arnab to Pagal ho gaya hai…..Isko bas kisi tarah apne chanal ko chalane ke liye kuchh bhi bakwaas karni aati hai…..Ye sochata hai ki chillane se jhooth baat sach lagane lagati hai. Shahrukh is noble hearted man. JANATA HAI BHARAT…..Now never ask again Arnab …POOCHHTA HAI BHARAT.

  6. Till now some stupids stop interrogating celebraties, . Arnab Goswamy is one of the dare devil journalist of our time. Nothing hiding and buckling . Sharukhan is suspicious personality who is to face the question by journalist. no one should be left unchecked. It does not matter who r u? Lot of his actions and love with pakistani’s inspite of uproar in the public has seen many times. People should seperate real and reel life. Reel life is for acting whereas real life is not known to anyone. Public should enjoy their acting but not their misdeeds. India is the country never supports people based on religion but some actors become maula starts supporting.

  7. Arnab n Republic TV is not trusted… They are old out for little price… Arnab is one of most dishonest person in India always spreading lies

  8. Oh didn’t know that all people commenting here were SRK bhakts. Is he above law..? If someone is getting pointed out, he should come clean. What’s wrong in that..? In the first place why will anyone risk the accusation without there being any truth, knowingly or unknowingly.
    Arnab may be boisterous, he has worked hard to get there. SRK is over talented king of an industry where nepotism only works. Had he been not with KJ whether SRK would have been there….?

  9. This idiot Arnob in his debate never allowed anyone who is having some different opinions against him.
    He is having all qualifications to become next PM of the country.
    Never listen anyone, no different option viewer,I am right adament attitude and biggest samsha of PM.
    No sense in his debate. If true by this time SRK will be highlighted every where in the country.Sangees will distribute sweets to everyone..
    Long live Arnob GO samy

  10. Arnab is a pimp of the bjp govt a bastard journalist who thinks no end of himselt,, he should go jump in the ocean

  11. People like Arnab need a shoulder to remain in limelight so they always need those popular personalities to run their agenda, earlier it was Sonia Gandhi and now its Shahrukh Khan… wait for a few more days and he will come up something cooked against Sachin Tendulkar too.

  12. Tony Asahi has given his statement. He denied all the labels…

    Now it’s a time for Shah Ruk Khan not to prove himself but sue Arnab Guswami for labelling false allegations if there is no links with Pakistan or ISI.

    The way Arnab Guswami labelling without any evidence let him produce the evidence in the court and prove that SRK is guilty…

    Rubbish journalism..

  13. Paid follower can only talk like this we all know that who are they who murderrred ssr’ and paalghar saashus. They are they like minded people as the followers of shahrukh khan


  15. Agree , failed to understand how d people of India tolerate Arnab ,,his attitude is like a politician ; no mind only money ,, vondo ,, dishonest .. Bika hua haay … He is a psycho

  16. The core issue is these free to air TV news channels which seem to have no accountability and get away with crime stating what they feel like. There is absolutely no respect for individual demonstrated by these anchors. It’s anyone’s guess who has authorised them to do so!! Keep their patrons warm for their pay checks to flow in seem to be the order of the day. Sadly TV news journalism seem to have become a mere Sensationalism to Garner more TRP and appease their patrons!! High time such anchors come out clean and work towards true journalism.

  17. Shahrukh is Shahrukh……

    For Arnab who has gone overboard this time….please realise for people of our age it was Sharukh who brought-in that patriotic feeling through FAUJI …..lets not forget the path that we have taken….

    Sharukh is an achiever and has motivated a whole generation…..He is our “National Treasure” and Arnab please do not belittle yourself for few TRP ratings…..

    Arnab….we understand you are passionate too…but now you are walking that thin line and its about time you realise it…..

    Pls Note : Why you initiated that debate and see where you have taken it to….

    Jai Hind

    Sanjay Sreedharan

  18. for money and power any one can reflect any time. That is the maximum percentage of human nature.Only natural power can stop them.
    Sudip, Delhi

  19. Very true…!!!Every time for everything religion should not be brought in between..He might be a great actor in
    the industry ,which many of us do like and agree.But in real life …as a Citizen of India if something has been found of him questionable by the people ,mere discussion for knowing the views on national platform.should not be condemned..just becoz he is a superstar…If he is clean,he simply shuld be able to stand by it.,all will respect…///Debates Are for judging both sides of an issue..///

  20. Arnab Goswami will not debate without proof I believe.if sharuk khan is not associated with them why should he and his fans worry so much.

  21. Shame on SRK fans who cannot see objectively the facts…blaming Arnab for being bold enough to expose the culprits will not help as this is not the first time SRK has been named for anti India activities…he is not a patriot…he is cheating his fans who shower so much love and faith in him…

  22. Shahrukh khan is no God that he cant be questioned..HisDubai house and his trio and properties should be checked..nothing wrong in it..His fans are behaving as if how dare someone question him and then start playing victim card

  23. If sharukh is clean then he should file a defamation case on Arnab.
    Also, as he is partner of Tony the ISI agent he should prove that tony is not an ISI agent in court otherwise report all his business done and relations with tony. If he does not take these steps then yes, sharukh is a traitor.

    Blame is on shahrukh and he is an influential and capable person so he should prove his inocence not the social media.

    • Dear AM, Not sure why you want SRK to prove Tony Asai is not related to ISI. If Arnab has proof of Tony Asai having links to terrorists, he should bring it to the notice of the Government who can take appropriate action. If the Government can carry out surgical strikes in enemy territory, voiding these kinds of transactions is no big deal. If YOU feel the Indian government and its security agencies are incompetent in keeping our country safe, then please help Arnab with his TRPs.

  24. When someone asks you valid questions you are afraid of him ask your Khan the anti national to prove his innocence

  25. I am very happy that people are supporting srk because these accusations are false.There is no proof.You can’t make someone criminal just by allegations.

  26. Just because Arnab has a control over mic to keep his volume the loudest & have a control over the psyche of the audience so that they watch his prime time sagas, it doesn’t mean he will pick up regular names and just questioned them. Why does the show only have such discussion on some community with some evil connections/intentions or Khans or Bollywood? Try to understand it’s not good for the nation to have a negative mindset regarding certain section of society. I agree everyone should be questioned & everyone is above the law. However, no one should be questioned on public forum on assumptions as that create biases.
    Media manipulates. People like Arnab are spreading venom.

  27. The best way to tackle Arnab, the pimp of BJP, and the Republic tv, is to boycott the products which are advertising, on there channel.There is no other way, this is going to bring them into they senses.
    Make it a mass movement and all the godi media will falter.

  28. First of all Arnab should corroborate the veracity of his statement. He should be asked to substantiate the allegations imposed on Tony Ashai. Why doesn’t he unveils the terror activities and ISI links for which he held Tony responsible? It’s become the stereotype inclination of the deceitful media to drag SRK and affiliate him to Pakistan or some sort of spurious claims. And to all the gutter mouths barking it’s a shame that you all second this venal so called journalist who is already dead as a journalist. Why is it that SRK has to manifest his patriotism time and again? Well I think the muslims will forever need to prove their loyalty towards India. And get it clear you dickheads he is SRK not any tom, dick or Harry. He doesn’t need to testify the averments and responding Arnab would really be an insult for him. It’s actually a smart step to snub him. Achieve something for India first,like he did, level up your standards to his’ and then question him and if not then zip up your lips until you could present solid evidence.

  29. If Bollywood not link with ISI then why they all silent during SSR dead. They should say or express a condolence messages to his family.


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