Arnab Goswami faces arrest after another criminal complaint filed against Republic TV founder; Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slam anchor for antics


Arnab Goswami facing arrest in another criminal complaint was filed against the Republic TV founder with the Pune Police Commissioner. The complaint, social activist Nilesh Navlakha, has filed his complaint under the Cable Televisions Network (Regulation) Act, 1995, accusing Goswami of running his TV channels primarily to ‘create communal hatred, religious polarisation and threatening national integrity.’ This came just days after FIR  actress Kavita Kaushik, Mulk director Anubhav Sinha and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed the controversial anchor for his recent antics.

Republic TV founder

A report by news agency IANS said that Navlakha filed his complaint through lawyer Asim Sarode last month under Section 2 of the Cable Televisions Network (Regulation) Act, 1995.

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The complainant alleged that Arnab Goswami was using his TV channels to brainwash his viewers into hating some communities and religions. “This is not less than running an organised crime syndicate of making the human minds to follow a fanatic terrorist thought process. When WhatsApp group admins are being booked under the law, then why the CTNRA provisions are not being invoked against such tendencies,” Sarode was quoted by IANS.

Navlakha’s lawyer also reminded how many of Goswami’s guests had walked out of his TV debates because of his irresponsible name-calling. Goswami had once called even cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar ‘anti-national.’

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Running his debate in February last year, controversial anchor Arnab Goswami had  launched a tirade against the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for the latter’s statement opposing the idea of boycotting Pakistan in the cricket World Cup. Taking to Twitter, Sachin had said that while he remained a true nationalist, it would be a bad idea to let Pakistan walk away with a crucial two points if India decided to pull out of the World Cup match against Pakistan, which was played 16 June 2019. India went on to defeat their arch-rivals and secure their place in the semi-final.

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Goswami is already facing a series of criminal investigations against himself after multiple FIRs were filed against the pro-BJP TV anchor for using his platform to defame the Muslim community in India. His coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Palghar lynching was also deemed to be deeply offensive and brazen attempts to cause communal riots in India.

The Supreme Court has given him protection from arrests for three weeks. The controversial anchor is also facing arrest in another criminal complaint filed against him in the gathering of migrant workers in Mumbai’s Bandra area. Goswami had deliberately highlighted the presence of a mosque while covering the gathering of migrant workers during the nationwide lockdown even though the Muslim place of worship had no relevance to the story of the humanitarian crisis.

Later, the Maharashtra government ordered a CID probe against Goswami for his alleged role in the suicide of an interior designer, who ended his life after failing to secure his payment from Republic TV for designing its studios.



  1. A sustained and synchronised attack is being made by some groups to muzzle the voice of one of the best TV anchors in the world. Let these people go to the court. Surely, they will bite the dust.

    • Dear friend do u call arnab a journalist ?????are U serious ???I’d u really like arnab sound pollution then plz see a psych.plz watch indiatv eajat Sharma instead ……or anjanaombkaahyap

  2. Gautam Navlakha, jailed for sedition and anti-national activities, has filed a case against The Republic news media TV channel for anti-national and communal activities!!!!!!??????!!!!!!! Ulte Chor Kotwal ko daante. A chor is accusing the policeman of catching him red-handed. What a lark!!!!!! Isn’t Gautam Navlakha also accused of violent crimes against the country, charged with plotting the murder of Prime Minister Modi and using Maoist criminals to terrorise the nation??? What a lark!!!!!!! Arnab Goswami should file a Rs 1000 Cr defamation suit against Gautam Navlakha- it’s easy money!!!!!!

  3. Don’t prejudge it, doc ji. Other people have their views on who’s chor and who’s kotwal and what’s anti-national. Shanth ho jayiye! Pareshani kyon?

  4. Good job. People like arnab have diverted publics attention from the failures of the bjp govt by politic irrelevant and meaningless things. He runs and India Pakistan verbal wwe to entertain people. And majority of the indians who follow him are devoid of real knowledge or facts and brainwashed into hating the opposition parties.
    Even other reported like sudhir chaudhry are the fake news reporters who reported fake news like gps in notes

    Or even recently they claimed some syed was caught killing elephant etc. They are openly spreading fake news. So there is no existance of reality in India anymore.

  5. Dear so called janta ka reporter.. btw republic is the only new channel who dares to bring out the’s not pro bjp but majority of journalism r mere dalals… besides there r infinite murderers rapists and pple with anti national activities roaming freely.. have some courage to highlight them

  6. There are atleast ten national channels accused of biased reporting and creating communal hatred. Why, this guy can’t see those and file criminal case against them?

  7. Good! The vile, obnoxious snake is finally facing some heat, though I’m pretty sure the biased and compromised law of the land will side with him finally, given how bigots have corrupted the institutions these days.

  8. He doesn’t behave like a decent journalist. Journalist should not have bias thinking. He should have straight away joined in the ruling party. He is fit to be a politician.

  9. Arnab has the guts and confidence and reports the reality with out sugar coating it.
    Most of these people who filed the case against Arnab are chamchas of the Vadra Congress who’s president’s who are originally muslims and now Christians also. Who’s only aim is distroy and eliminate Hinduism.
    And congress is using these kind of people by paying, favouring and shielding them. And Janata Ka Reporter is one such Congresses stooge.
    And Arnab is only exposing congress and its intentions.
    Too late India and Hindustan has woken up..

  10. Arnab gives sleepless nights to wrong doers. Dont get intimidated by saif ali he is linked to dawood access to easy money, these bollywood trash are nit worth our time . People are not interested in them. Go take lessons of acting and also being a real life size hero from Sonu sood he hasa national hero n the migrants his supporting actors. Wow . Who is kavita kaushik she was limeliggt but nobody wants to see films we have to look into our health.

  11. Arnab gives sleepless nights to wrong doers. Dont get intimidated by saif ali he is linked to dawood access to easy money, these bollywood trash are nit worth our time . People are not interested in them. Go take lessons of acting and also being a real life size hero from Sonu sood he is a national hero n the migrants his supporting actors. Wow . Who is kavita kaushik she wants limelight but nobody wants to see films we have to look into our health.

  12. Anti nationals are throwing to nationalist ideology. Thief is saying and trying to prove police himself is thief!!! What a tragedy.

  13. Armani Goswami is by his own admission not civilised ‘ Moreover he is blood thirsty against Muslims. He was quoted in the New York Times as referring to the Kashmiri Muslims and proclaiming “kill them kill them all I don’t mind “.If India is to survive morally it has to put people like Goswami away.Ghandi provided moral leadership to India Patel represented narrower sectarian interests.India is still faced with a choice between these two approaches.

  14. Mr. Nilesh you filed a complained against Mr.Arnab for making communal polarisation, I invite to Kerala certain channels giving false reports and they openly insult Hindu gods and Hindu culture, certain organizations openly uttered to kill Hindus it also report with in no time, jihadists challenged our constitution in public, with out any question mark certain channels report as it is.. and so on..

  15. Arnab’s pot of sins is spilling over. And it’s now the turn for him to serve the punishments- very severe of them, so to say.

  16. Only republic TV is being targeted whereas NDTV anchors always speak against Modi government and in favour of Congress supported news….. and no case is being filed. Such cases should be handled under the supervision of judges and not agencies under state or central government…. When 1984 accused are moving freely then one can imagine the direction of enquiry under government of three parties.

  17. Secular & Tukde Tukde gang, pro pakistan and Chinese supporters in India, journalists, Congress, leftists, anarchist, castiests and Looters have mounted a sinister vehemently anti national campaign against Republic tv head Arnab Goswami for fighting against enemies within India. All nationalistic forces must see that vibrant and resurgent India must not be cowed down by these internal enemies as India needs to march ahead to get permanent seat in UN Security Council for brighter future of all Indians. These traiters have been supporting the very enemy China which is responsible for spreading covid-19 causing global economic crisis. Sooner India will come out of this pandemic to sustain development pace while dealing with internal & external enemies. Please support Arnab Goswami.

  18. Arnab is a national Hero.He is a legend.He is a true journalist.He is not afraid of ruling government in Maharashtra

  19. Arab is now a Rafael chachas and tadipar shahs mouth piece dalal….he is not n TV anchor anymore he shud b jailed for life time


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