Arnab Goswami disappears from TV for week, netizens ‘missing’ him


Arnab Goswami of Republic TV has been missing in action on TV debates since the beginning of last week with his 9 pm TV debate being presented by two female anchors. Several major news breaks have dominated the media coverage while Goswami has been away.

Arnab Goswami

Notable among them have been India’s diplomatic win at the International Court of Justice on Kulbhushan Jadhav, who’s currently on death row in Pakistan, ravaging floods in Goswami’s home state of Assam, the ongoing Karnataka political crisis and politicians’ insensitivity in the face of alarming flood situation of Bihar.

With this in mind, his fans have taken to social media inquiring about his prolonged absence. Some felt that Goswami was needed to front his prime time debate to teach Pakistan a lesson, while others questioned why he had disappeared just when he needed to ensure better coverage on Assam floods.

One angry Assamese social media user wrote, “Where is Arnab Goswami now?? The ‘son of the soil’of Assam, spare a little of your precious time if not for anything else for the sake of TRP! At the moment they have no time discussing about Assam flood. We too are a part of India! Incredible India.” Another user borrowed a famous line from Goswami and asked, “Nation wants to know. Where’s Arnab Goswami?”

Even in his absence, Goswami’s channel has been seen putting Bihar’s deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi in the dock by questioning his decision to watch Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 while nearly 70 people lost their lives in floods. An angry Modi had launched a counter-attack against Republic TV without naming the channel on Friday.

It remains to be seen how Goswami returns to his Pakistan-bashing on Kulbhushan Jadhav’s topic and whether Sushil Modi will face the music from the controversial anchor after his return.



  1. Thanks stay away for some more time it would be great for aircrafts flying in and out of Mumbai. Well deserved break for every one. Thank you God for small mercies.

  2. I wish him to vanish from electronic media for rest of his life. He’s such a chatoo patrkar! His absence will do a lot good to the nation!

  3. At long last atleast there is some recipite! May his soul Rest in Piss!! God allow our soul to be in peace!!! Go-swami, the world is much more peaceful and humane!

  4. He lacks courtesy and finesse of a good anchorman.He shouts at his guests and doesn’t give them space to respond adequately.He has set very bad trend on tv viewing.

  5. There was a time I loved watching Arnab Goswami on TV but now I get annoyed even at his sight on TV because now he has sold his soul to the devil. Honesty, sincerity, ethics, code of conduct, every thing he has thrown in the dust bin. He will burn in Hell.


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