Arnab Goswami crosses limits of decency against Naseeruddin Shah, loses cool after panelist calls Anupam Kher ‘bad actor’


Republic TV founder and controversial anchor Arnab Goswami on Friday crossed limits of decency while attacking acclaimed Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah for his comments on the growing curb on the freedom of expression in India. Goswami, who founded Republic TV with the help of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrsekhar, called him ‘illiterate’ and implied that he was helping anti-India forces with his video.

Arnab Goswami

Starting his prime time show, Goswami said, “One fortnight after fear mongering about tolerance in India, Naseeruddin Shah has declared an open support for Urban Naxals. He’s the face of Amnesty India’s propaganda video for 2019.”

The debate started with a video report on Shah’s comments, made last year in the aftermath of the murder of Bulandshahr cop Subodh Kumar Singh. The report also carried Modi’s response to Shah’s comments, made during his interview to news agency ANI. In that interview, Modi had called Shah’s comments as part of a propaganda ahead of the elections.

The Republic TV reporter termed Shah’s comments as alarmist and polarising.

Goswami continued his tirade against the veteran actor using the age-old whataboutery. But on Friday night, his whataboutery was focussed on the alleged persecution of minorities in Pakistan. He asked, “Will Naseeruddin Shah release a video about a systematic genocide and elimination of all minorities, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Jews and several sects among Muslims also in Pakistan? Will he do that? Or is his hatred only focussed against India.”

Some of his guests sought to remind Goswami that Shah’s comments were aimed at India’s values of pluralism. But Goswami called him illiterate saying that he should read facts ‘the next time he opens his mouth.’

Arre Naseeruddin Shah, nahi jaante ho to moonh mat kholo (Oye Naseruddin Shah, don’t open your mouth if you don’t know the facts.)”

Goswami lost his temper when a panelist told Goswami that Anupam Kher was a ‘bad actor.’ This was in response to a question that Goswami angrily posed, asking why Naseeruddin Shah was quiet on the protests against Anupam Kher’s The Accidental Prime Minister and Indu Sarkar by Madhur Bhandarkar.

In a video, released by Amnesty India, Shah on Friday had said that that those who demanded rights were being locked away and their office premises raided, while journalists were routinely being silenced under the current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shah had also said that a wall of hatred was ‘being erected’ and ‘innocents are being killed.’

Last month, Shah had courted controversy for saying that he felt angry over how the death of a cow was being given more importance than the murder of a police officer. He said that he worried about his children in the new India.


  1. Naseeruddin & Amnesty India should be booted out of this country (along with RaGa, his mom & other sycophants like Manishankar Iyer) … maybe Pakistan will suit them better … we have had enough of them and their ilk !!!

    • Well said.This substandard ugly looking actor is talking now Where was he when the Indira Congress perpetuated terror, zero development, Emergency, Sanjay Gandhis compulsory sterilization campaigns all over India, the Sikh elimination??? Intolerance???What a vague unprovable charge!!!Shah…you are intolerant don’t fit into your own freternity, the film freternity, you are a frustrated old man, your kids are non entities…what more It’s better to go and settle in the terror zone Pakistan for people like you

      • After seeing your comments I have realises that even educated person like you also have sick mentality. Why you people always talk about Pakistan,when any one talk about betterment of our country future.
        Madam you sick mentality divided all our brother’s and sister’s in Muslim , Yadav, ,OBC, pandits ,thakurs etc.
        Due to your sick thinking recently Bhim Army born.
        Aup logo ne Desh ke tukde tukde kardiye hai.
        Like you people’s are really threats to India.
        You all are the real terrorists who are dividing our nation’s.

      • You are a doctor??? Shame on you for writing such comments…. remember the narrative of Mr Narendra Modi and the BJP alongside thier partner organization like RSS and sangh parivar and bajrang dal will make our great country like other religiously motivated states in the world…and this is NOT our Hindu culture and our great ancient history.

  2. People’like shah are those who think no end of themselves. Howmany of those affected people has he helped.
    How much of a nationalist has he been???

  3. Arnab Goswami has the guts to speak openly on the channel infront of public ….
    He is not paid like you guys !!!
    Keep that in mind !

    • Arnab is a spineless paid stooge of Bharatiya Jumla Party. Can he ever find anything wrong in the government? Stooges know only to lick the balls of their masters.

    • Yup U right he is not being paid. Its just that republic channel is itself funded and was strated with the help of a bjp MLA. Dhakkan.???

    • This is the perfect example of bias.Arnab is already popular as hypocrite journalist and master of lies.He’s already sold in the hands of the BJP.He can talk English better and dominantly that’s all and the rest of his work are just Fake.Always remember LIARS always dominate with their loud voice.

      • What would you say for rifat jawaid,rabish kumar and this website janta ka darbar,??? don’t you understand the language they are using against arnab,is his freedom of expression doesn’t exist?? He is with truth ,i never seen any bias from his side by i always see biasedness from these sites like janta ka darbar and several other,these propogates fake news and news against narendra modi sir.

        • Narendra modi is a killer . Killer of thousands in Gujarat riot 2002. He doesn’t have the guts to attend a press conference. Demonetisation was the worst financial decision ever taken . And arnab goswami should learn to stop blabbering and raise the actual topics of India rather than licking Sambit Patra’s ass.

  4. Apprehensions of the Actor is unfounded without any basis. India is such a lovely place, any person can be at peace here. When one is not able live in India He can’t be at peace any where in the world.

  5. Arnab is nothing but a BJP chamcha. Anyone who says against the establishment becomes anti national for him. His talk show is nothing but bad for health. Might as well call his channel Banana Republic.

  6. Amnesty international is most dangerous than isis. It’s high time govt must ban this outfit, and not to allow them to operate in India. They open their mouth for wrong reasons and create communal tensions.

      • Mumbai shooting, serial Bomb blasts across India all done by RSS and Bajrangdal. LOL. Your people are simply brainwashed by Pakistani agents and propogating against India as per your Pakistani leaders directions.
        Living in India, eating Indian food and speaking against India.
        Not only jantakareporter. All Muslim celebrities are pro Pakistanis.
        Do you have guts to speak against Pakistan in Pakistani soil.
        I am not a RSS, BJP or BAJRANGDAL sympathiser. I don’t like these people. But your Pakistani loyalty is something unbelievable.

        • Vijaysarathy, if u want to boot out people who share an affinity of ideas with naseeruddin, u will have to start writh rammohan roy, derozio, vidyasagar, phule & rabindranath tagore. Swami vivekananda, (a meat-eater, by the way), who spoke of a hindu mind & islamic body, wouldn’t have applauded the intoletance of people like goswami. As for subhash bose, a staunch secularist, he would have been aghast at the cow lynchings. Its shocking that goswamis journalism is more interested in attacking those who criticise cow vigilantism than the lawless who kill without fear because they think the rulers will be indulgent towards their ideological kin. From rita datta

    Naseer should buy a ticket to Pakistan and feel safe with Hafiz Saeed there.

  8. What ever Naseeruddin Shah said is very very regrettable. He earned his stature today due to Indians.
    Now suddenly he is talking like a extremist general mediocre Muslim who hates other communities.
    I appreciate Arnab Goswami. He is always vocal about anti national activists and activities. Jai hind

  9. Muslims are generally intolerant. Our faki media doesn’t publish cases of hindu boys being murdered by their muslim in-laws. One such case in Delhi a few years back, where his throat was slit by the would be Father in law , was never followed by the media. No comment by Shah or any Muslim citizen was ever heard. But in case of Rezwanur s case, in Kolkata, candle light profession was taken by the hindu citizens. Did Shah ever commented on the killing in Delhi??

    • It was covered by media which is faki from your pov, killing is unjustifiable no matter what is the background of the victomizer and victim.

  10. Yup U right he is not being paid. Its just that republic channel is itself funded and was strated with the help of a bjp MLA. Dhakkan.???

  11. If some one pelt stone become terrorist and someone shut the county’s savior become nationalist.hows possible?India is great which doesn’t required saffron certificate but sha not opposed the nation for that but he oppose the saffron terrorism.

  12. Arnab & his republic channel is a BJP mouth piece, in this they always behind RAGA & team even a dog dead any were in India this arnab goswami they will comment against rahul…..

  13. What lacks today is acceptance of a differing point of view. Most of the TV news casters think that louder they shoutdown the panelists better they are, they are narcissistic who like to listen to their own voice rather than conduct the debate.
    These young but people need lessons in civilities/ civility and concentrate on conducting the discussion rather than trying to own it.
    Thanks for creating the remote, one could not have handled these nu s without it. One can easily move from one news channel to Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma with one click. Thank god for small mercies

  14. Earlier i used to like ur jounalism but now i find that u r an irritating journalist who called everyone for debate but never gave them a chance to put their point the only thing we heard is the nation wants to know and nothing

  15. What ever said and written by Nasrudeen saha and and Arnab goswami is not matching with indian way of thinking and speaking ,both should maintain a line of
    of self controll, they should not do and speak words which may provocateur the

    Some of the readers have used foul language which shows their level of thinking .

  16. Shah should concentrate on his acting. Amnesty international is a well known anti national organization. Shah should not spoil his image .

    Was Shah sleeping for so long that he woke up around election time only. Hope Shah would think twice before becoming a spokesperson or ridding on someone’s back.

  17. What they say is “Arnab then and Arnab now”. This so called journalist (actually an entertainer) has changed his post after 2014, though he started batting for the BJP a few years before 2014’s general election. Those days, he was kind of doing his job = journalism because he was asking questions to the government. And after 2014, he has been asking questions to the same people but he forgot that they are in opposition now. Calling names and “Illitrate” to Naseeruddin Shah is the biggest sign of illitracy in itself. What’s this kuch nahi jante to bolo mat, bugger, in the name of freedom of speech, you can say whatever you want but no one else should exercise the same rights. In the attempt to prove his loyalty to BJP, he surely is out of control now and behaves like a mad dog. Do you know why these government favouring channels don’t have remark or comment segment?? Because they don’t want to hear anything against the government. But wherever this facility is available, the BJP IT cell garbages vomit and one can see it from their language.

  18. Republic TV….I don’t watch but I observed that how smartly BJP & MODI is protected & supported by this channel…perhaps the money flows from BJP MP ie partners in it or un known reasons…..

  19. #JANTA KE REPORTER# what do you expect from a indian . And I think everyone should ask to Naseeruddin Shah , now where is he who say there is intolerance in India. Where are they all award vaapasi people. When Congress is saying No Release to THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER. These people got famous because this country loved their work. But when in country supporting like terrorism they don’t even say a word. Why he has signed Yakub Memon petition.i think your website should say about those people. And negative news don’t work for long time.there is nothing wrong said by Arnab Goswami.

    • From sanu’s comments & those of other hindus attacking naseeruddin it becomes clear how repeating intolerant rhetorics can poison minds. I am a hindu from a well-known vaishnab family. Let me say i completely agree with naseeruddin shah. That doesn’t mean i support the congress, which was the author of the emergency. As aware citizens we must be critical of politicians instead of mauling citizens who are critical of the rulers.

  20. After a day’s work, I avoid seeing two things in TV.
    1. Bollywood actors giving their mind on India’s state of affairs. The present lot of superstars only start controversy if their film is about to be released, so that they can earn more money.
    2. Mr.Arnab Goswami’s program as he shouts a lot.

    I need some time to compose myself and spend quality time with my family.

  21. Please don’t expect anything worthy from Muslims for India (Indian or outside India)and the Indian intellectual class whose intellect worhiness is limited to downgrade India.
    Wish we have more Journalists like Arnab who has the guts to openly threat the traitors of India.

  22. Amnesty has its own addenda and is not in tune with what we feel. Shah should not represent them and spread misinformation and panic. I am with Arnab on this one.

  23. Mr. Goswamy..u know u dont hav real job now….just fulfilling BJP’s hatred agenda in this country. india would be more tolerant when like you people should be sent to Harvard to make noises.

  24. It is high time to present himself decently himself ( Mr. Arnad Goswami) in his own T.V. whatever topic of discussion may be…just like other world renowned T.V. Channel of the world like CNN ..BBC..ect…because shouting in front of a camera and showing rudeness to the the invited panelist shall not solve any problem and discussion always become inconclusive…with bad taste…and thus send negative message to the viewers and well as society..please be cool and
    composed just an Hon’ble Judge in a high Court…Good luck…all the best…

  25. I think Muslims are playing politics and always play victim card..they need Free hand as they have been getting by the British ideology gand family..UP people were attacked in Mumbai and even in 80’southindians were threaten but they didn’t complain …regarding channel check which channelSaudi sponsored in2002 …Nasser will play victim card even if he moves aboard …

  26. Nasirudin shah is surely not right but this Arnab is utter useless journalist. He imposes his views in the debate rather than being neutral. His debates are only hu- halla and are pathetic. Pathetic and biased anchor..

  27. You urban naxal supporter type so call fake journalist ….

    You had no guts to question Nassaruddin Shah yourself …but you gutless person would blame Arnab and search for indeceancy in Arnabs action ..


  28. These sympathisers of urban naxalite are free to spread lies about our country and when asked about their responsibilities of maintaining harmony in our society then they start crying about intolerance. Arnab Goswami has done nothing wrong by asking though questions to the panelists.

  29. What naseerudin said was wrong… isn’t a police officer not killed… isn’t today a life of cow more important than a person life… isn’t there is increase in intolerance in india… isn’t news reporter get fired for showing news report against government…
    What arnab is doing is questioning a person who questions these topic..
    What is right is right..what is wrong is wrong…
    If somebody ask question..what arnab is doing is asking where were u when that happened…when this happens…he is doing character assassination of that person…& First he should look at his chacter…he should stop calling himself anchor..instead call himself spokesperson of BJP/RSS…

  30. Those who are calling Arnab a paid dog of BJP/RSS are conviniently forgetting the paid dogs of Congress, Urban Naxals and leftists – Rajdeep Sardesai, Burkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar.

  31. Sir, it is not against Muslims or Dalits we are speaking. We are talking against the hypocrisy of mr. Naseeruddin Shah. Please answer the questions why he didn’t talk against the protests that was caused due to the release of The Accidental Prime Minister or the killings of BJP workers by the Left Front govt in Kerala. Funny how he says this a country he is afraid for his kids to live in when the top positions in many fields are held by people of the minority group. Probably one of the few countries who could proudly say. So before you actually comment please think about what is actually being discussed.

  32. Then, according to you (obviously a mouth piece of urban naxals, anti-nationals and scums), what the shit of an actor said about the country that gave him fame and money, was decent?


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