Arnab Goswami calls guest leech, classified hypocrite after two guests leave his show in anger


Arnab Goswami was seen raising the pitch inside his studio as the crisis in Karnataka politics deepened over the desertions of Congress and JDS MLAs. His provocation prompted a Trinamool guest to insult Goswami’s late father leading to the eviction of the guest. But Goswami wasn’t done yet.

Slamming a Congress supporting guest, Goswami called Congress leaders who complained about the BJP’s attempts to poach its MLAs hypocrites. Addressing the guest, the Republic TV founder said, “Listen to me you Congress leech, listen to me…I want to ask you one thing. Forgot Eagleton Resort. You are saying to me that BJP is poaching your MLAs. What was Eagleton Resort, where you were throwing whiskey and liquor bottles at each other like uncouth vandals? Shame on you.”

Referring to how the Congress had approached the Supreme Court in May 2018 when the BJP formed the government in Karnataka for a few days. Goswami said, “When you do it, it’s ok, but when they do it, it’s a crime. You hypocrite. You classified hypocrite.”

The same show had seen two of Goswami’s guests leave the show after full-blown altercations with the channel’s owner. They included Trinamool’s Garga Chatterjee and a Kashmiri guest.

The Supreme Court is likely to examine the constitutional issues into the resignations of 15 rebel Karnataka MLAs. In a new development, the top court has also agreed to hear the pleas of five more MLAs namely Anand Singh, K Sudhakar, N Nagaraj, Munirathna and Roshan Baig. This has taken the number of total rebel MLAs moving the Supreme Court to 15.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka Assembly Speaker has called for a floor test on Thursday, when Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy will be expected to prove the majority of his government. The BJP has said that it was confident that Kumaraswamy will fail the floor test. “As the new halfway mark will be 103 for a simple majority, the ruling combine with 100, including one from the supporting party BSP will fall 3 short off it (halfway mark) to win the trust vote and certain to be defeated,” BJP spokesman G Madhusudana was quoted as saying by IANS.






  1. Mr arnab goswami , with due respect to you.i love watching your anchoring .but off late you are becoming very biased towards BJP,there is nothing to hide.lot of things happening across india every day one rape case we are hearing for the last 3months but you are focussed what mamta is doing ,Karnataka politics ,baseless and useless debates show.instead can you please invite mr amit shah our honourable home minister from your loved party to your show and ask what is happening and who answerable .your words “nation wants to know”.i dont think that will happen because can’t question amit shah .if that happens will be gud .Mr arnab really sad to hear that news channels are not focussing main issues but interested on political development.what Rahul Gandhi eats,mamta is shouting at public and political whole debate shouting shouting shouting shouting .i very sincerely and honestly request you address the rape case issue and question home minister and the govt .thanking you

  2. Is it even a secret that this Prestitute BJP Dog spokesperson Goswami masquerading as some journalist is paid by the BJP?

  3. Arnab is not biased…. He picks up BJP against also…. That we have seen him from 2006. Nowadays congress is worst then ever there idiology is questionable always….. Karnataka is not a base less issue. We bangalore people knows how deep the issue is and corruption is how deep. All the locals news channels have television are telecasting this from 15 months…. But arnab have taken this matter just 5 to 6 times in the period of 15 months….so I feel arnab is not biased towards BJP. He is biased to India… Only.

  4. Yes, he is paid by BJP, then what? When your loved party was doing it , it was all right. BJP AND ARNAV are doing fine.

  5. Goswami is make Ng money. Gogress or any other party cannot give this much money he is making now. I am not having evidence of source of money. But U can say from the way he is working.


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