Arnab Goswami breaks into laughter fit before launching extraordinary attack at former NDTV colleague Barkha Dutt


Rahul Gandhi’s decision to step down as Congress president dominated the debate show of Arnab Goswami on Republic TV on Wednesday night. An angry Goswami slammed Gandhi for casting aspersion and questioning the integrity of the Election Commission. Gandhi raised questions on the polling process of this year’s parliamentary elections. Urging his viewers to file a defamation case against Gandhi, Goswami also targeted one of his former NDTV colleagues Barkha Dutt by labelling her a ‘Radia journalist.’ His debate on Wednesday night also saw a BJP panellist twist a popular song from a Bollywood film Mr India starring Anil Kapoor and the late Sridevi to say I Hate You to Rahul Gandhi. This left Goswami hysterical with the anchor going into a laughter fit.

Goswami launched his debate by mocking Gandhi, “I really pinch myself when I can’t believe what’s happening in the Congress party…Sonia Gandhi, please realise your son is not a five-year-old any more. He’s ten times older.”

He then launched a tirade against one of his former colleagues at the NDTV. Without naming Barkha Dutt, Goswami said, “Not happy with fake scrolls and liar wires, was a Congress’ failed politician trying to harvest a Radia journalist till some time back? What was that? Fighting for freedom of expression? Is this the zero loss theory?” He asked one of his panelists defending the Congress on the show.

The failed politician being referred to by Goswami appeared to have been veteran Congress leader Kapil Sibal, who was widely being termed as the man behind the launch of Harvest TV, which later became Tiranga TV. Barkha has been hosting a daily prime time debate show on Tiranga TV called Democracy Live since the channel’s launch. Sibal had coined the ‘zero loss’ theory when the 2G scam adversely impacted the then Congress-led government at the Centre.

Barkha’s name had featured in the infamous Radia tape controversy that rocked Indian politics and media in 2010.

Only a few days ago, Goswami, in a rare instance of outrage towards his former employer, had attacked the NDTV.

Earlier in the show, Goswami’s debate on politics momentarily became influenced by Bollywood when a BJP spokesperson decided to borrow a few lines from a popular song from Mr India to sarcastically claim that he was unhappy with Gandhi for his resignation since his departure would be detrimental to the interests of the BJP. Announcing that Gandhi was the star campaigner for the BJP, the saffron party spokesperson said with sarcasm on Republic TV, “Kaate nahi kat-ti din ye raat, kahni thi tumse ye dil ki baat. Lo Aaj main kahta hoon, I hate you, I hate you (I am unable to spend my days and nights without you. I wanted to express my feelings to you. Here I finally say that. I hate you, I hate you.”

This sent Goswami into a laughter fit as he was seen laughing out loud endlessly.

Gandhi on Wednesday had written a four-page letter to announce that he was stepping down as the Congress president and the party should elect his successor soon.



  1. Arnab represents the worst instincts of the people, a single man troll army who can single handedly mud sling far worse than any other, he is getting paid to bare his teeth at the Gandhis, a true bred doberman laothed by all

    • Being a hard nut case, you are difficult to crack !! This behaviour only shows who is benefitting these days !!! When will Arnab grow up ? He still harbours a grudge against his ex-employer !!! Tsssk, gets touchy cos it’s NDTV who understood the filth he would bring to Indian political news reporting !! He should focus on his land deals gotten overnight and the cheque bounce case against him instead of pointing fingers at others.

  2. A..dhole Arnab. You are the pits. Time you just Shut Up. Disgrace. Absolute disgrace.
    You run a verbal warring match everyday at 9pm. And you are not the anchor. You are the first and the last speaker. Others on the panel know nothing. You alone know everything. You are absolute rubbish. Just get lost.

  3. Why is Arnabs always tilting so dangerously only towards a certain party… and why does he need to either scream or belittle people each and every time on his show? how is it that he thinks that he is always superior to other’s? I used to really like him once upon a time when I could see some honesty in him….. today he is a mockery to journalism! What a pity!

  4. Cowswami..u don’t deserve to be a are a laughing stock to the journalist ferternity..may you die a painful death

  5. He may laugh at any body. But the whole country laughs at him. Such a nautanki ! He should know that no one laughs at Barkha Dutt. She is taken seriously.

    • Barkha datt and seriously, that’s the joke.who read this nautaki janta ka reporter aur congress ka reporter?

  6. This is regarding article relating to Arnon Goswami. I would like to call him an actor or villain rather than TV anchor when it comes to Gandhi family or congress. It is not strange for Arnob considering the money he is making out of TV shows and the wealth he has accumulated. Rahul has shown enormous amount of accountability than any other politician.

  7. I love when arnab gives biffiting reply to these few 1000’s remaining who still think opening there gutter like mouth would give them 2 min of fame….
    @janta ka reporter Why are you ao obsessed with arnab?? Why do you alwayz want to spew venom against arnab??

  8. Why is Janata Ka Reporter so much after Arnab Goswami ? Are there not any other constructive issues to report ? Arnab Goswami is a journalist and doing his best job. You should highlight the issues that would help bring positive changes in the lives of the people.

  9. Sadly uncivilised loq IQ dipshits strike a chord with the likes of Arnab. Otherwise in a developed country someone like Arnab would be selling churros on the street.

  10. What we can expect from son of feku chor and his Second father sha ,his bread and butter is earned only by making comments on congress party or else his feku father and his fathers wont give him food.

  11. Arnab and journalist come on he is just barking doggy but unnecessarily. Dog would sue us if any one call arnab doggy as dog has his own prestige

    He is worse than rubbish one way trafficking

  12. Arnab Goswami is great and much knowledgeable man. Hence his argument is to the point and even a common man also will understand where is wrong.. I salute him for his guts


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