“Are you a Sanghi propagandist?”: Panelist embarrasses Arnab Goswami before threatening to hang Sambit Patra upside down; Kavita Kaushik, Saif Ali Khan’s co-star slam anchor


A guest taking part in Arnab Goswami’s prime time entertainment show threatened to hang BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra upside down by tying him to a ceiling fan. This was after Patra accused panelist Nishant Verma of hating Gujaratis. As Verma launched a tirade at Patra, Goswami remained a mute spectator, seemingly enjoying the spectacle of BJP spokesperson getting a taste of his own medicine. Verma did not spare even Goswami and asked the controversial anchor if he had become a ‘Sanghi propagandist.’ This came weeks after Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed the anchor for shenanigans.

Arnab Goswami

In the video gone viral, Verma and Patra are seen engaged in a heated argument. The situation spirals out of control after Patra provocatively accuses Verma, “Why do you hate Gujaratis? Why do you hate Gujaratis Mr. Nishant Verma? Why do you hate Gujaratis? Gujaratis across the world will see the hatred of Mr. Nishant Verma for Gujaratis.”

Enraged by Patra’s allegations, Verma launches a tirade threatening to hang the BJP spokesperson by tying him to a ceiling fan upside down. He says, “Stop lying. Otherwise, I am warning you. I will hang you upside down. No one hates Gujaratis. I will hang you upside down.”

Verma did not stop here. He went on to repeat his warning to Patra accusing him of faking to test COVID-19 positive to avoid being arrested by the Chhattisgarh Police. Patra threatened to walk out of the show if Verma was not removed from the show, but Goswami remained unmoved.

Patra kept yelling, “Which butcher have you invited to this debate show? Will you hang me upside down? Don’t call these loudmouth goondas into debate Mr. Goswami.” But this did not move Patra’s ‘friend’ Goswami, who appeared to enjoy the spectacle. All he said was that Nishant was ‘exposing himself.’

“I would expect you to behave little better than that,” Goswami politely told Verma.

The controversial show was broadcast on 11 June.


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