Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show sensationally called ‘defective piece’ with ‘low standard’ by husband Parmeet Sethi; actress finds no support from mother


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show was left speechless after her husband Parmeet Sethi and mother ‘ganged up’ against her to give her grief in her latest off-the-cuff video. Parmeet stunned her by calling his actress wife a ‘defective piece’ who was of ‘low standard.’ Archana Puran Singh lodged a protest with her mother for siding with her son-in-law. Of course, it was all in good humour.

Archana Puran Singh

The conversation began with Parmeet offering his wife a job as a videographer. This prompted his mother-in-law to appreciate his gesture as she said, “Any job. Job is a job. Especially when you are giving her a job, then she must have some quality.” This prompted Archana to tell her husband, “Mom is appreciating that you have a high standard if you are giving me a job.”

Parmeet replied calling his wife ‘low standard’ as he told his mother-in-law, “sirf ek jagah pe low standard ho gaya aunty mera (I had to make peace with a low standard at one place in life aunty)…But what to do now. That’s a 30 year old story.”

Archana understood the hint that her husband was taking a dig at her. She said, “Are you hinting at (me)?” Archana’s mother intervened as she told Parmeet, “You cannot do anything now.”

Parmeet was in no mood to end Archana’s embarrassment as he said, “Now I have to make do with even a defective piece. There’s not even an option for a refund here.” His mother-in-law agreed as she said, “This is something you can’t even get repaired or improved.”

Archana jokingly complained to her mother, “Mom, you are supposed to take my side ok.”Her Mom replied, “Let me take his side for a change so that people don’t say I am being partial.”

Archana has been forced to live in self-isolation at her Madh Island bungalow due to the nationwide lockdown. She has been regularly posting her quirky videos that have become a rage of sorts on the internet. This has significantly boosted her popularity on Instagram, where she recently completed half a million followers.

Archana had recently trended on the internet after her co-star from The Kapil Sharma Show, Kiku Sharda, apologised for his demeaning jokes on her. He had said, “It is like when a group of friends meet they pull each other’s leg and crack jokes and no one gets offended because that’s the kind of bond they share. Our bond with Archana ji is the same and she doesn’t mind it all. But with due respect if ever she has felt bad we would like to say sorry.”


  1. Mam, you are such a sport and a wonderful human….salutes to you mam….kalil Sharma show is incomplete with out you……God bless you always.


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